Thursday, September 15, 2011

Question time: My name?

Nicole Bogaard asked at Facebook:

Hey Adora! How are you? I have a did you come up with the name Adora Batbrat? -xXx-

My very first video. Presenting the Adora BatBrat to the world.
Pink hair is supercute!

I already had the name BatBrat registered for my company since many years, and that name just emerged in a dream!
I woke up shouting -I will call my company BatBrat!
My husband was all like; What?! Who?!

Many years later I already had a "famous" swedish name "Slynan" (a version of Bitch) but that didn't work well internationally, so I had to make a new one.
Having BatBrat in the name was acctually not what I planned for.

I wanted a name that started with the same letter I have in my natural name; "A".
I also wanted a name that could be recogniced as goth, so when I figured Adora out I needed something cool, and I already loved the name BatBrat so, what the hell, I re-used it! And Adora BatBrat was born.
Personally I love it <3 It feels very "me".
And I might just throw in the answer to my birth name as a bonus:
My birth name is Harriet Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt.
I didn't take my husbands last name when we married, and I forbid him to change to mine just because I reason I fell in love with Ronny Gärdh and not Ronny Wimmerstedt.
Romantic, right :)

Aww, honey!

My husband must be the cutest!
This Saturday we were in a shop and I looked a bit extra at a quilt that would fit perfectly in Fairlight's room, from Au Maison, so it was a bit pricy (at least in Sweden they are). I really wanted it, but since I'm mostly an IKEA girl I thought this was way over budget. I'm so cheap!
But can you believe! He acted very non-man and acctually picked up om my long glance  at that quilt and the first day the store opened he went in an bought it for me (well, Fairlight's room).
You know stuff like this makes girls all bubbly and happy and "thankful" ;)

So, for you it might look ridiculous, like an old woman quilt, but I have to defend myself by saying it's very "it" in Sweden right now - and we all know I'm the typical it-girl next door *tihii tihiii*
It will look perfect on Fairlight's jumping spring mattress.
Yeah, that's a stereotype UCG; buying overpriced, trendy quilts for the kids to jump on.

A very romantic gesture from my love <3 One might say I have trained him well, or he just want's to do anything to make his princess happier. Either way works with me.