Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Part II

Saturday I was shipped away to an area far out in the spinach.
I was told to wear a Halloween outfit.
You might think a cool goth girl like me should stay cool about it, but I HATE being scared!!!
As we drove up to the house I saw a big witch mixing something deadly in her black kettle, a gigant black spider (1½ meters across) hanging from a big web, Death standing on the porch with red eyes staring at me, scary pumpkins everywhere and a thick fog covering the stairs up to the house..

I did as any girl in a horror movie would do put in a similar scene - I went out of the car and walked towards the house of course.
Ahhhgh, scared!!!
But unlike those stupid bimbos, who obviously is not as clever as us goth girls, I said out loud: "-This is so spooky, please don't scare me!"
If this indeed was a movie, would that have helped?
Of course not!
And it didn't in real life either.

Door opened. Hello and welcome, hugs and lots of people in crazy outfits. Husband went in, I came in after.
followed by my -AAAAAIHHHH!!!
They got me.