Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Year's Eve 1999-2000

I just stumbled across some pictures from New Year's Eve 1999-2000. It was a BIG party with all my husbands relatives, (we were about 50-70 ppl) we celebrated at a wardroom on a military island that we had all to ourselves. We had to go there by boat. It was very special. I made me and my husband matching 18'th century'ish dresses :)
Oh, wow! On the pictures you can see my best feature. It might seem a bit odd, but my best feature (according to me) is my forehead. I just love the way my forehead is curved.
I love having my bangs, but it disturbs me that it hides my best feature....
Now when I say it out loud it sounds ridiculous! *hahaha, I'm such a geek*

Eating Bambi's mum's heart

It was me who shot Bambi's mum! Here I am at the Christmas dinner eating a deer's heart - for real! I've never tried it before, but I liked the feeling of eating it... (it was interesting and icky at the same time)
I wrote "God Jul" on my nails, that's swedish for Merry Christmas :)
I think Santa will give me one package less because I lied to A. Shit! I really needed that space diaper!