Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

Hello again sweethearts!

Today I'm gonna continue to educate you how to treat your hair the right way.
I hope this advices will make you look more beautiful, and let me see less people with unsuccessful haircolors on the streets ;)


I've got a lot of questions how do I keep my hair in good condition, while bleaching it.
Read this blogpost and you will find out what's the underwork for having a beautiful and "healthy" hair (as healthy as you can get your hair when you bleaches it)

My natural haircolor is copperblond/strawberryblonde, so my natural haircolor is quite light but has a LOT of red pigments in :(
Remember that it's much harder to bleach a hair that have been coloured by artificial pigments from haircolor, than bleaching a natural hair.

I only bleach my roots everytime I start to see that ugly, copperblond, little line at my scalp. I use professional products, so I'm sorry that I can't give you any advice what kind of bleach you shall buy at the store.
I mix the bleaching-powder with the activator who has a strenght of "7 vol" or in Swedish terms "2 %"
Sometimes I add a bit of 20 vol/ 6% activator to my mix (Lower number= more healty to your hair, but the bleach need to stay in a little bit longer to get a nice result)
I'm very particular to not "overlap" the bleaching-product at the hair that already have been bleached before.
If you do that, your hair will sooner or later just be a memory laying on the floor.

When you've applyed all the bleach at the roots it's time to let it stays in for a while.
It's very different from haircolor to haircolor how long the bleaching-product must be in, and there's not any given time when it's time for you to rinse out the bleach.
Take your fingers and scratch away some of the lightning-product to see if your hair is white or
yellow as a chicken. If it's still yellow....let it be in for some more minutes. (I don't want to see yellow
chickens running around in town, ok?!)
The Swedish artist Robyn has a lovely blond color. Come on, go whiteblond don't be a chicken ;)

After you've rinsed out all bleach, make sure you treat your hair with good products (bought from a hairdresser-salon!)

You can use a toner to get more white/gray impression to your hair ect.
For me it use to be enough to just use the silver shampoo and silver treatment from Lakmé.
Using semipermanent haircolor

If you like to have a nice, extreme hair color there's a lot of brands that makes semipermanent hair colors.
I've used directions and Stargazer, but I prefer Directions as I think the package is a lot better!
You can mix all the colors together, and you can add conditioner or treatment to the color to get i lighter.
My blue hair has a really simple reciepe- a few teaspoons of Directions turquoise and then a looooot of conditioner.
I think that the haircolor turned out better, after washing my hair once, and got that "lightblue/turquise" color.
If you like to get rid of the semipermanent-haircolor you have coloured your hair with, my tips for you would be to shampoo your hair many,many times (I know that some people thinks that dandruff-shampoo is more effective when you want to wash out the color) If it feels like you still have a lot of unwanted color left in your hair, you can try to make a mix between lukewarm water, shampoo and some bleaching powder to wash your hair with.

If you already have a very damaged hair or you're not 100% sure how to bleach it. Please, go to a good hairdresser who can help you with it! *pointing at myself and force everyone to get tickets to Sweden to be treated by the best hairdresser ever!* ;)

If you curious about what I'm doing the rest of the week. Visit my blog
Hi, Adora here!
Thank you, sweet little sister for this enlightening entry. Much appriciated as usual :)

At my (still not 100% working) web site I have a list of how to mix all the haircolors I've had and there used to be pictures attached. The pictures will be put up again, I'm just falling behind.

I have brown hair originally.
When I bleach, I bleach the "common people" way; I buy Swedens most bought home bleaching : Jane Hellen: Ultra Blonde that lightens 6 nuances. I've used the same since 1984.

My natural hair color seen at the top (I don't color when pregnant).
At this picture I have kind of a more natural blond.

Here's my bleaching procedure:
(I'm working on this right now...)