Thursday, August 4, 2011


In 10 days it's the M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim, Germany.
As usual I have outfit-panic!!!!
What to wear? How will I do the make up? The hair, what about the f*cking hair?!!
The thing is: German people are the BEST when it comes to really cool outfits. You can never out-cool them.
I won't even try...
This year me and sister will try a new thing (for us). We were about to buy a certain kind of lenses but they will not be able to arrive in time and to my luck I found a total opposite lens today that I bought. Not what we were going for, but it will work. Now I just need to sew a bit too, and I think we are home free.
But that was only for day 1...Day 2 is still an enigma. All I know is that I will be wearing black..