Thursday, June 17, 2010

BatBrat's t-shirts

Once again I'm gonna ask you to help me out. Considering I still have the prettiest readers <3 I can put all my trust in you because of your style sence!

It seems like there will be some Adora BatBrat t-shirts in the webshop as well as some of the other objects seen in the video (yes - the heart blouse and collar and necklace is in for sure thank's to the viewers). I have absolutely NO idea what shirt will be attractive since I'm partial?
The model will be as this one: slightly puffed short sleeve, slightly bigger neckline (so we won't smudge our make up and destroy our hair!), bit slimmed and two organza bows. The picture designs is not finished, it will be things added or removed.

Top 3 perhaps? Or the one you wouldn't be caught dead wearing? Change of color? Bigger/smaller picture?



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