Monday, January 16, 2012

My Music Mondays: Desireless

This was the second girl I fell in love with as a teen.
In the early 80's there was almost impossible to get hold of her outfit, now you can get it in like 3 days... WHY, oh why, was not Internet invented when I was a teen?!
The hairstyle is to die for! Enjoy both ears and eyes: Voyage Voyage by Desireless. Official page HERE.
I have made out with numerous boys that looked like this, but with colored black hair <3
My husband was one!
As the rest of the songs I've presented on Music Monday's this is a classic for Swedish synthare/electro goths.

Todays make up

Apparently I'm down.

Could it be because it's Monday?

Never me! I'm like a rocket in the pants of a dog scared of bit of kaboom!

Happy mode: ON!

My Monday view

This is so corny, but I just can't resist!

I want you all to share this morning moment with me, it's so calming.


To make a toilet out of a candy box...

I will try to make a toilet and a wash basin out of parts from Marabou Paradis chocolate box.

Mo-hahaha, it's so evil.