Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Goth: interior design, folding and swimming

Man,I hate laundry days!
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Obviously I don't do the laundry, but my "job" is to fold and put everything away after. Usually we do it weekdays since they are kind of boring anyway ;) I also remade Fairlight 's room a bit. I hide the lovely red/white wall behind 2 purple curtains to make a big change. The mattress on the floor is our jumping place as well as being used for night guests. We love jumping in there. It's not quite done yet :( Now I'm on my way to a water park again. Kids all excited, me all tired.....

Crafting: Dollhouse

I finally put up the second wallpaper in the "blue room".

Can't take credit for the cool mix of wallpapers though, since the kids picked them out from my computer. The blue trees looks so cool.
I wanna be tiny and live there.

Now it's just the floor left, it will probably be a white wooden floor of some kind.
Crafting dollhouse things is just the best! I'm one hooked dollhouse goth..

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