Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mug shot

Sometimes I do things that is not so accepted by the law holders, aka the Police.
I laugh when people are being serious, I dress in black on hot summer days, I have or have not poked into a dead mans eye with a stick, I touch my husband in an inappropriat way sometimes and have been known to kill and eat small humans on occations. All of these things is apparently bad.
Today I had to face my shame and took me by the collar, and with my family as an entourage I walked into the Police station ready to take the time.

But - hey! They thought I looked so cute in my small tiara they just took a picture of me and wanted an autograph. All was forgiven! They will even send me a copy of the picture and my autograph and put it in a little book for me so I can show other countries when I enter how pretty I am.
It's time to bleach the roots for sure. Jeeez, I'm such a poser!
 a small kitten is stalking my every move <3