Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me in white, and I'm not even getting married!

Today Fairlight and TeeBee's daycare celebrated their "graduation" for the summer. They still have a few more weeks to go, but this is how it rolls.
As the tradition we all had white on (except my husband who had light grey pants with his white shirt and baby-blue tie). I felt so summerly! And it was SO hot!

We started out by having a quiz walk.
I must admit I feel a bit wierd wearing all white, but I think I pulled it off. But I like me better in black.
 Group photo of our little angels <3 <3 <3
 TeeBee was just so incredible cute in his turquoise bow tie!
 I put on the frosting "live". The cupcakes both tasted AND looked good.
 Full picture of TeeBee's recurring summer hair.
We had a great day and I managed to stay in the shade all the time! I LOOOOVE having an umbrella with me. But I really must buy me a new one, this is my surrogate since all the nice ones are broken because of this God forsaken town I live in is windy no matter what direction you choose to go!

Todays outfit

I've been out shopping some white clothes for TeeBee's and Fairlight's graduation at daycare. This is me right after I got home from town. I found a nice shirt for TeeBee to wear with his turkuoise bow tie and a hair decoration for Fairlight (so far). I will go out tomorrow too, perhaps I can find F some new earrings too.
Prinsess crowns makes me a better shopper
My favourite from last year; to cut off my stockings below my knees, is on my like-list this year too. And the heel-socks are perfect to avoid chafed feet when walking barefoot in shoes.