Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Todays outfit

My hat week continues!

I'm wearing a hat made of designer Ruby Rouge of London. It was a custum made gift <3
Hat is a perfect goth item. Most of us have pretty, pretty well designed hats - but we rarely take them for a stroll. Poor things.
All beautiful and noone to admire them.

When I have newly colored hair I don't want to wear crowns or hats, because I want people to see the perfect result, but as the growth keeps showing, the more I tend to wear stuff in the hair.
Hats are just delightful and covers up a nasty growth so you can wait another two weeks to bleach.
I should bleach every 6'th week, but I always try to wait until 8 weeks have passed by, just to be nice to the hair.
And having an official hat week is just so smart (I'm so smart, I'm so clever), because now many of them comes to use a bit more often than just a few times a year. Whihooo, my hats says!

And yes, I know I should paint my neck as well to avoid this "mime-face", but I don't really give a rats ass. I want to be pale in the face, that's it. I do think people might have an idea about the fact I'm not really that pale anyway, so I have no urge to try and fool them. Otherwise I'd have to cover my whole body in make up since I'm often wearing less clothes.
Lovely fingerless gloves with a heart shaped hole. Swedish E-Bay.
I love heartsy stuff!
What is this for a stupid burlesque pose? I'm goth, God dammit!
Fantastic necklace by Pinkabsinthe $25.00. Buy here.
Hat: Ruby Rouge (she's no longer active as a designer. So sad...)
Necklace: Pinkabsinthe at Etsy.com (lots of fab things)
Lace linen and shorts from H&M ages ago
Stockings: German Stockings from BatBrat webshop $18