Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

Someone is getting one year older tomorrow *hint hint*
Twenty four years old! How the h*ll could the time slip
away THAT fast?! It doesn't feel like it was long time ago
since I played with Barbies, My little ponies, Turtles and
got my first homework from school.
I have been doing a lot of things since I was born, but I want
to do at least as much before I'm turning to an old hag with
wrinkles and grey hair.
I finished the public school and the Upper secondary school
superbly, I won the Swedish championship for hairdressers and
represented Sweden in the European professional mastership,
I have won the Swedish and European hair-competitions
a couple of times, Started a successful limited company....
It can be a long list, but in this writing moment I notice
that my life only deals with my career and success. I actually
think it's a good thing that I start to care about my own

If I dream away and plan my birthday as I wish
I would have spend a free day from work together with someone
I loved. It had been lovely to wake up with a kiss and get
fresh coffee served.
I had enjoyed an interesting documentary at the television
meanwhile I'm having breakfast, take a walk in the yellow
leaves outside, going to a museum or a place I've never been
to before, go to the cinema, have a coffee at a cosy café and
been eating at a restaurant together in the evening.
I know that my birthday not gonna be as the one I dream of
since I don't have any boyfriend who can kiss me and wake me up
in the morning, They don't show any nice documentaries at television
at Saturday mornings and nobody can take me to a new place right now.
However, I'm not disappointed that my twenty-fourth birthday
not will be as the one I dream of. (I can save it until I'll
turn twenty-five instead *giggles*)

My plans for tomorrow is to wake up and having a nice breakfast,
Go to the gym for a gym class, do some shopping and buy a new
camera (So I can update my blog with both pictures and videos)
Visiting the science fiction exhibition who take place here in Gothenburg
this weekend, maybe take a cup of coffee in town and later have some
dinner together with my mum who's here for visit.
The last two years I've been in London at that time my birthday
comes off, and I'm sure you know how fun I had at last years
trip to England together with Adora?!
We experienced so many fun things together,we were the most
handsome couple at Torture Garden and besides that it came up
a girl to me when we did some shopping in Camden town and
congratulated me at my birthday (She was a subscriber to my
sisters blog, and had seen it was my birthday. Thanks sweetheart!)

This year wish-list looks like:
* Find a lamp with a spirit in who can give me 3 wishes that comes true
* Meet a "superhandsomeandsweet" boy who can be my future boyfriend.
*Win a big amount of money so I can buy my own co-operative apartment.
* Get more than 24 hours each day.

(Okay, I know that this dreams not will come true tomorrow so I'm
giving you my material-list as well)

- A new camera that I can take photos and make some videos with.
- A Jigsaw-doll.
- All stuff with Jack Skellington and Edward Scissorhands.
- Pictures made by the great artist Mark Ryden.
- A black tiara and other hair-accessories.
- A sweater for Ingela to have at winter-time.

Love/ Iva Insane

Friday thoughts

Friday is like THE best day of the week, don't know why, but my body can feel it - and no, it's not alcohol related!
I have not had a drink since M'era Luna festival in the beginning of August (I think).
-Why is that Adoooora? You got a bit too much, ey?
- Hell no, but I see no reason randomly drinking. I'm super happy sober!! But a sip of wine wouldn't hurt,
So, flying to London next week with the cutest sister in the world (inside and out), Iva Insane. I'm so looking forward to it - but I'm feeling so stressed. Why, stupid?
I wanna look my best for London, so I need to do something about the hair and I'm thinking about making some dreads so I can have dread falls again (been ages ago),
but I still wanna have my ordinary (boring) hairstyle, just hanging about so I'll probably make dreads that easily removes. I will probably end up looking like a troll, but I'll give it a shot! I will be a cute troll.
What more - jacket? I want to goth one up and make it pretty, pretty, and custum Adora, kind of.
And stupid London weather - all week it's been 24-28 degees Celsius and next week 13-16 degrees. WTF!! I'm not okay with that...

What more to prepare: Gonna bleach and color my hair (still green and silver), print out loads of paper on where to go.
And I have a big poster to make since me and my friend L is entering a contest here at home. We have had like NO time to do it, so we probably will not win. But you at least gotta try! In my head we have already won. Oh yeah!