Friday, March 30, 2012

My kids: disco tonight

Fairlight and Synthia all dolled up for tonight's school disco.

Aww, mum Adora was so proud when Synthia said she wanted black lipstick :)

Crafting: DIY Glitter plastic animal

I bought a plastic animal, an elephant, at the charity shop last week.
Being a bit inspired by the DIY plastic animal candle holder at The Sweetest Occation I wanted to make a pink elephant, with glitter.
How to:
  • plastic animal
  • glue
  • brush
  • acrylic paint (- pink and white)
  • glitter (pink)
Clean the animal (I put mine in the dishwasher).
Paint with acrylic paint in the same color as the glitter you will use.
(I painted one coat of white priming before the color, but that's not necessary)
Let dry.
Paint one coat of glue (don't be cheap!) and dip it in glitter/pour it over. Shake off the excess glitter.
DONE! (I also used a very thin layer of hairspray and then shine spray on top).

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I will not use my pink elephant as a candle holder, but I plan to make a small hole in the snout so I can make small speech bubbles as table chatter...or put it on cookie plates with info about the cookie.
It will look so cool! Glitter rules!
To make the plastic animal (elephant) goth you could dip it in black glitter instead and add some "blood" at the end of its tusks and make him say things like "-I'm Norman Bates."

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Todays make up swirls

An uninspiring picture of todays make up.

I have been making budgets for 2 years ahead and made a super good cheese and ham pie.

It was so good I didn't even get a chance to take a picture before the kids slaughter it...

But I did manage to hide away a slice for tomorrow's lunch.

I just can't wait for it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Todays make up

The lovely M.A.C. fluidline blacktrack that I use on my waterline have been out for a week, and in my God forsaken town M.A.C. make up can't be bought, but to my luck I could order it to my Kicks store for free! Superb!

So today I could do my make up like usual.

I ordered the fluidline on Kicks webpage and choose to have it delivered directly to my local store with no extra cost, I just payed for the product.
I love a great deal.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My desktop

I used to have such a cute picture of me as desktop, but then I did something and it disappeared!
Isn't that just strange (doofus Adora, all thumbs..)?
So I just added a tile of a favorite picture of me, when I look as crazy as I feel. You know, for the time beeing, until I did a new desktop picture of <3me<3. Did that ever happen....
But I really like this expression on my face! It's a keeper :)

Todays look

Me and TeeBee's day at home.

Kind of no make up..thank God for big sunglasses that makes me look like a fly!

I just have to run out and make a quick stop at my dentist since one old filling fell out. Ouch!

And I am ever so happy about the sun and the 14 degrees Celsius that makes me able to wear my orchestra jacket from H&M I bought a couple of years ago, again. I look so smart in it!

Did I leave my clarinet at home?

I did play it for 5 years you know!

Easter nails

When filling our home with feathers, paper eggs and other Happy Easter things I figured I'd better make the toes get involved in the process!

I picked out a few of the most Easter colors I could think about and voila; I got happy toes <3!

Not so Goth, but cute anyway...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh air at last!

I haven't been out and about since I got sick last Saturday.

Today the last man standing - my pretty husband, got sick as well!

Synthia and Fairlight went to school Friday, but me and TeeBee is still sick and today our nurse/slave/feeder could no longer fight back the bacteria and surrendered so I had to step in, healthy or not.

I, with the nauseous sense, had to make dinner for the kids, tuck them in single-handedly (although easy) and feed the cats even though I should probably stay in bed 2 more days myself.

Killing of the last milk at dinner forced me to run down for a couple of liters to survive tomorrows breakfast with the sweet kids.

Hair have not been washed for almost 2 weeks (!) so I had to go for the criminal look with a hoody to hide the green mess...

(I better explain about the 2 weeks... I just wash my hair once a week, most often on Saturdays, and last Saturday I woke up sick so I missed my day and that makes 2 weeks without a hair wash)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Still on "sick food"

Have you noticed?

The sun is out, people are happy and the world seems so calm.

Sorry about that, Goths. I take full responsibility.

Last time this occurred was, well, not one amongst the living today was even born back I just let myself be content by saying it was a very, VERY, long time ago..

..and that time it was also my fault since I happened to get caught up in a too tight laced up corset and 2 young men for a week.

But humanity should stop smiling and have blushing cheeks quite soon because I'm on my way back to the living; one boiled potatoe and one boiled salmon at the time...

No one is allowed to have blushed cheeks naturally!

It's only with a discrete sweep over the cheeks in a natural color - just like I wear it (haha ha), that is appropriate. 

Winter puke disease! Prepare to be defeated!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Am I amongst the living again?

Do I dare to hope?
I woke up 05:56 and have not been able to get back to sleep since.
No wonder since I've been doing nothing BUT slept since Saturday.
I have actually started THINKING today!
Is the disease on it's way to finally say goodbye?!
In Sweden it's the same every year; half of the population is down flat for a week by the Winter puke disease/Winter flu.
But I have not had the Winter flu since 1993, when I had it 2 years in a row. My immune system must have been crazy good after that near death experiences.
At the time I lived at a boarding school with 8 other girls.
They took such good care of me and I rewarded them all by giving them my flu.
8 girls to go shop, hand out water and check up upon at the same time. If not it prepared me for a life with 3 kids.

I should not be up doing jumping Jacks and eat a 3 dish dinner just jet, but I can see the light at the tunnel!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My first "dinner" for days

I went to the doctor today, just to calm down all worried friends and family that I'm not having a brain damage (another one!) after Sundays fainting in the bathroom.

She told me I was severe under nourished after not being able to eat since I got sick Saturday evening. I have only been able to eat pears, homemade potatoes soup and drink water

I got ordered to drink Coca Cola and to eat toast, so that's what I'm doing right now.

Not my usual diet I might add, the total opposite really, but whatever it takes to make me get back in shape.

If sugar and carbohydrates is what my brain needs right now to kick start; sugar and carbohydrate is what it gets!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Soap in my eye

4 out of 5 people are in horizontal  position because of the Winter puke disease here. Only my husband is still amongst the living and we treat him like Cinderella.

-Do this, get that, bring me this,make me...

In an attempt to be nice back I decided to clean out the wash bin. In my half sedated state of sickness I, as I closed the lid, accidentally got a big drop of soap straight into my left eye.

The pain was unbelievable!

I felt like Frankenstein being attacked by a thousand toothpicks set on fire straight to the eye. Like in slow motion I could hear myself roar and fighting my way to the water.

Like in a bad blackheads commercial I splashed my face with water from different angles but nothing helped.

In the mirror a deranged womans red eye stared back at me. Wild look and a small tear slowly showing because of the pain.

Poor me for being so clumsy.

This happened at 10 this morning, more than 12 hours ago - and it still hurts!

But it would have been worse if my eye started to foam up every time I blinked! 

Imagine that Goth Disney cartoon!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I fainted

I woke up in the middle of the night and needed some water.
I went to my bathroom and drank. I decided to take a leak since I was up.
All of a sudden I woke up on the floor in the shower with a massive headache and pain everywhere.
Apparently I fainted!
Picture borrowed from here
I needed help to get up so I tried to shout for my husband, but I sounded probably like a weak mouse and he was sleeping in Fairlight's room that is in the total opposite of our flat so he couldn't hear me.
I tried to shout, whistle and to make the SOS with my rings, but nothing...
Eventually I found an almost empty shampoo bottle I pounded against a door, and after a while he heard me.

Life savier?
He found me laying in the shower with my knickers down and asked me in panic for how long I had been there? -I went to the bathroom at 02:24, I said.
-Are you kidding me? That was over an hour ago!, he said.

I have no idea for how long I was out from the faint, but I do know I have several bumps in my head today. One that hurts really bad is over my temple.
The rest of the body have got some bruisers as well.
Think I won't close the door next time...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Now I'm sick as well!

Since Synthia got the "Winter puke disease", as it's called in Sweden, I have just counted the seconds until it's my time. It's unbelivable contagious and I have shared bed with her sinceFriday.
An accident about to happen you might say...
Worst part is I'm stuck in my bedroom with her and she's only watching annoying kids TV all the time.
I try to sleep as much as possible and she's kind enough to to wake me up for "Vampireshool" and "Phineas and Ferb".

Fairlight to a party

The fashionable Fairlight is on her way to celebrate her classmate E.
I know I'm partial since I'm the mom but I think she is so cool!

Todays Goth look and make up

Bad thing!
Synthia started puking the night until Friday and been home sleeping all day.
Panic always result in having my hair up, like some old teacher.

And now; ready for my close ups?

And this picture happened to be so cute <3

Shopping for future crafting

I just love going shopping at second hand stores.
The Red Cross in my town always provides me with fab things to be used in crafting to come! love them!

Friday, March 16, 2012

BatBrat Adorable Heart blouse disaster

One vampire skill is to make pretty things, but unfortunately I don't have the skill to make people do things the way I see them inside this clown green head.
I surround myself with talented pattern makers, lovely companions and competent coworkers who goes out on a limb just to help me out.
I so appreciate them!

It is poop when there is failure in the third row.
I feel stupid and think perhaps I did not explain good enough, did I copy the pattern wrong or what did I do?

The lovely Victorian collar is in production for 100 pieces right now, and is working smoothly.
But.....the (not so) Adorable Heart blouse is once more creating my pretty little head with worries.
Having no worries is my source to looking young so thinking is not good for me.

After measuring, and control measuring, and once more just to be sure, I now have to try sew a size Small just to find out where the glitch is. Is it me, the pattern or the communication with the seamstresses that's wrong?
I know my pattern maker D did a terrific job.
I think I did a good job too...
I know my lovely contacts S, G, and M at L company are super professional and completely understand every the miscommunication must be with the seamstresses who's not understanding the pattern.
In order to make things clear I now must try to sew from my own pattern just to compare.
And I'm NO seamstress!
I'm not as good as them! I will be humiliated if they look at my riffraff version.
Their sewing is impeccable, mine is far from.

After several mails back and forward we solved the problem!
Apparently my seamstresses misunderstood the placement of the heart as well as making too small insicions and that's why the blouse was FAR too big (I know I haven't lost weight!). Hopefully it is ready to be sewn as well - in a near future.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tooth is out!

I can't belive how easy my tooth said "plopp"!
I thought my dentist just started when she said she was done!
It left some BIG hole.
Now I'm just waiting for the sedative to stop working and the serious Goth pain to emerge.

Here's a nice shot of the tooth as well:

Think the tooth fairy will reward me?

Old picture Mera Luna

I'm missing my pretty sister Iva Insane right now!
 And M'era Luna goth/electro festival in Germany.
And all of my lovely friends from around the world that I always meet there (oh, how I miss you!!!).
And all the new friends I have not meet yet.

But the hotel is already booked so I'm just counting the days...

Teeth removal time

It's been a while since I performed any self mutilation.
Being a Goth I can't have that. People depend on me to act all introvert and depressed in order to feel better about themselves.
What to do then?
What kind of cool Goth maneuver is there to use?

I simply made a dental appointment and decided on to pull out one of my teeth just to be cool.
An extra plus is of course; I get to keep my tooth.
Oh, I have such nice plans for you <3

Today is the day when the tooth will be removed. 11:10 to be exact.
I'm not feeling as cool right now. I'm scared and gripped by fear. I don't wanna!!!
So, if you feel the need to do self mutilation, try pulling a tooth out. Combine pleasure with practical things.

Remember to wear dental proof make up.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reader Recommendation: Bleiu - DIY Goth Bat Bow

Sweet reader Bleiu  send me this crazy cute GOTH BAT BOW to glue to a headband DIY.
I't's so BatBrat! Thank's for thinking about us and sharing! Here it is:

What a smart idea from Goth crafter Audronasha!
Check out her DIY site here.
Step 1
1 Cut a triangle form leather and shape the sides just like in a picture, so they would look like a bat wings :)
Don't forget to cut a strip too. About 1 cm wide and 2,5 cm long.

Step 2
Gather the center with a sharp needle and strong thread.

Step 3
Glue it with a hot glue gun to your hair bow.

Step 4
Glue the leather strip on top to hide the thread in the center.
Thank you ever so much for helping your fellow bat lovers, both Bleiu and crafting artist Audronasha <3
I will most definately make my own (some day...). It is super cute and mine will be totally bratty.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goth eyebrows: IsAdora glossy eyeliner waterproof

After a full day of kissing, cuddling and so on the eyebrows still looked acceptable. Small cracks are starting to show and on one side a piece fell off so I had re -do it.
+ The color remained intact all day, with a super sharp black filled color. It's not sticky or smudgy.
- Small cracks are showing, but not so much.

As a eyeliner it works 10p, and as eyebrows goes; i have to give 9 it points. I love that super black.

Goth eyebrows

Not done! Be carefully not to burn your eyes out, because there are no make up on eyes...

I usually paint my brows using my Kryolan cake liner and CEL sealer for delicate work such as eyebrows.

But today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be devilish crazy and try something else. Well tested since before, yes, but in a completely new area.

I will not lie. My hands shaked as I dipped my thin aquarelle brush into the little container and then spread the glossy IsAdora( I know it's called IsaDora, but I like IsAdora better) over my forhead where my "eyebrows" are located.
Judgement on IsAdora glossy eyeliner waterproof so far:
+ looove the very black and glossy line it left. Quite easy to paint on, but I expect more from my eyeliners. But, again, it looks super sharp because of it's very black, glossy color.
- can't paint super thin lines and the color isn't flowing enough to sweep the line on, I must paint slow in order for the color to get a grip. I hate slow..
It feels like it might crack during the day, but it can prove me wrong.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Old picture of the day and Best buy

Demonia Trashville boots are the best!
Even as a pregnant girl they were so comfortable! I can really recommend everyone to get a pair - pregnant or not.
Look how effortless I carry Fairlight on my hip (and TeeBee in my tummy), just like an accessoire. All because of those shoes.

I have both the buckles and the "buck-less" (hahaha, what a lousy joke) ones, both in glossy, glossy.
I prefer the ones without buckles since it makes my legs look so much longer.
Buy them at X-tra-x for €99 here.
They also sell the buckle Trashvilles, €109.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old picture of the day

In my 20's something.
Where the hell did that lovely cross linen go? An all black clothing is not always that smart I guess when it comes to wardrobes.
This is from a birthday party at a co-worker to my husband. I look soooo relaxed...and a bit evil ;)

Here we were on our way out to town on a hot summers day. No tattoos! It looks so wierd!
Too bad black hair don't suite me that well, but it looks okay here.
I have always had a thing for lace stockings as you might have picked up on!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Todays Goth make up

I have 3 lollipops in my coffin shaped bat bag just in case the baby BatBrats are hungry as I get home. Their teeth are getting very sharp these days...

Last day of business sad. I feel so lost without all those funny and inspiring classmates and teachers that made those 4 weeks so lovely.
I have learned lots, my brain have been a bit messed up from time to time, but now it functions quite well.