Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Todays look and goth make up

On my way to this evenings "date" with Cajsa.
Porsche, my price winning International Champion siamese cat, joined in on the photo.

Pretty Cajsa and me at Wayne's Coffee, where we both ordered tea as we chit-chatted about how our looks makes the world a prettier place to live in. You don't have to thank us  :)

I had on a spiderweb shirt, a sequin skirt (one I bought, cut off and added a ruffled lace) and my spiderweb stockings.

Nice touch with the garbage chute to the left...

Spiderweb make up today. And a soft, silvery shade all the way to the eyebrows.
Web painted with Kryolan Cake Eye liner and CEL sealer.

Lashes only on end.

Ahh, what a lovely day I've had <3 p="p">Like my new pillow? It's from H&M.

BatBrat company

I'm making a pair of legwarmers with a cross and an organza bow on each to be put in the webshop tomorrow.
I sew so hard I broke off the needle!

During all of my years of sewing I have NEVER broken a needle while hand stitching! By machine? Sure, like a thousand times. But this was the first.
I think I'm in some kind of shock now..
Not to worry - no blood was spilled (sadly).

Crafting: Bread basket

At my break I had a cup of tea and painted the second coat of my basket I bought for 5 sek (less than a $) last week.
I'll turn it into a little bread basket.
Perhaps I can put my cinnamon buns in it when it's done :)