Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For Saturday we will nail this style, ok?
So far I've covered the hair and the brows.
Tomorrow I'll continue the work on how to nail Morticias perfect goth look.

Now, since I'm sick I'm gonna hit the bed real soon... Before 22!!!
Adora is out for some grocery shopping!

Weekly style: Morticia: EYEBROWS

As you might know I'm a big spokesman for goth not having eyebrows. I myself wax mine of with Veet (but since I'm fond of cheap things I use the one for legs and cut it myself instead of using the one for face).

BUT - the Morticia style is one style those of you who don't want to/or can't be wierd enough to have no brows easy can tap into. Perhaps your parents do not agree with your personal freedom or you need to look "normal" in the weeks because of your work. (We without brows can just paint them in Morticia-style).

Her brows is very typical for her time - wide apart, semi-thick and with a very nice pointy shape. A make up now more known as the Dita von Tease make up. You can clearly see the similaritys.
But then again - Dita used to be a goth girl long before meeting Marilyn...
Busy morning! Woke up, still sore throat, green snot and a headache worthy a king.
It's winter sports holiday so today I have ALL 3 kids at home - not the best combo with a massive headache....
Been a good mother and played with moonsand together with them, and now we just baked the dough to new "semle-buns" so we can eat semlor tonight. It takes FOREVER to bake. Now it will yeast for 90 minutes. Hope I have time to do my make up inbetween the fights and the constant: "mummy, mummy, look at this/see me now/TeeBee pushed me/what are you doing/when will dad be home...and so on in an endless warp.