Monday, July 4, 2011


On my way to a new location I got very, VERY hungry.
And can you imagine my luck! Just 50 meters from my car a human walked and by a total coincidence the human just happened to become a road-kill!! What shear luck!
And as I see it, there's no harm in eating something that just went dead?
He tasted a bit of rum so I'm guessing he had a nice night the one before.
Well, with a happy heart I continued my trip to the final destination. I was well greeted and given a nice, red room to rest in.
The evening will be spent with a beautiful girl <3

Tour de goth

I must leave town a few days to go hunting for my humans elsewhere. Mostly it's because I'm tired of how the people here tastes and wanna try a different kind of setting and new actors. I think the trip will do me good.
I must leave at dawn.
My fangs already can taste the blood of others and feel another wind in my hair while their hot bodys turns beautifully pale and the body gets colder. I just can't wait!