Friday, November 5, 2010

3 days left for Signhild to live...

On Valentines Day 2008 we lost our lilac tortie pointed siamese Fefferonia Felicia to cancer, she was only 9 years old.
Our other cat, Prince Vinyl, was so sad to have lost his soul mate, so I looked to find some older cat who needed replacement, and so I found lovely Signhild; a 3 times Champion and a breeders cat, but now, as a 5 year old she was retired and was happy to move in with us.

We have only had her for 2½ years, and that is not long enough!!! I love her so much. She's always where I am, and jumping up in my lap as soon as I sit down, she loves to hang over my shoulder as I walk around in the flat and always so happy. And she also can "go-fetch" (like most siamese cats).

Since about a 1½ she has been suffering from small and pale kidneys, it gives the same symptoms at renal failure. She was very close to death just 6 months ago, but although she still had the worst values on the kindneys she pulled through. Even the vetetinary was sure she wouldn't. She's been on a special diet and daily medication since then.
2 weeks ago she got worse so she had to do penicillin for 10 days. She was ok for a few days, but then she was sick again. Yesterday I thought she needed a new blood test, and it showed she was in a very bad state.
She got a death sentence.
The veterinary wanted to put her to sleep then and there. But I asked if she could make the weekend without feeling pain so my husband too can say good bye, otherwise I would let her pass away at once, and my veterinary said it would be okay, and they even were kind enough to give me a private number I could call if she took a turn for the worse.
They gave her water under the skin to make sure she's not dehydrated during the weekend.

Monday morning at 08:30 I will take her to the veterinary station for the last time. I'm so sad. I treasure every second with her and feel so happy I have the weekend to say goodbye, and to spoil her with things she have not been able to eat for a very long time because of her very strict diet.

Signhild I love you. Thank you so much for loving me back. You will be very missed.