Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adventure bath

I spent all morning preparing my skin with water repellent products to prevent me from melting when exposed to water at the adventure bath.
My body seemed to cope well, I only lost a finger ;)
Chillin´ in the hot bubble bath
It was a hard job to act like I had a marvellous time, but I think my acting skills were outstanding! I laughed at the right places, didn't worry if my face got wet. I even took a ride at the water-chute by myself (without a child on my lap) just to make it look real! Now I'm just waiting for a call from Tim Burton...
Our sweethearts filling up with my freshly baked cinnamon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes
Thank you my wonderful family for giving me such a fun day. I loved every second <3

And a special thank to
Gore Göttin who said...
That comment made me laught so hard, it felt so "me" :D

Dipped in water

If it's one thing this vamp-ire hates, it is to get the face wet.
I scream like a stinged pig just as the wicked witch of the west: "You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!"
And to think I lived more in the water then above in my teens!

Today I'm going to an adventure bath with our kids. It's just stupid! But I'll be good, put on a brave face (as well as waterproof make up) and pretend I'm having a horrible time.
I'll probably love it, but that's not goth, so I will mope and grunt all of the time.
I'm hoping this gets me LOTS of points on Santa's calendar.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mug shot

Sometimes I do things that is not so accepted by the law holders, aka the Police.
I laugh when people are being serious, I dress in black on hot summer days, I have or have not poked into a dead mans eye with a stick, I touch my husband in an inappropriat way sometimes and have been known to kill and eat small humans on occations. All of these things is apparently bad.
Today I had to face my shame and took me by the collar, and with my family as an entourage I walked into the Police station ready to take the time.

But - hey! They thought I looked so cute in my small tiara they just took a picture of me and wanted an autograph. All was forgiven! They will even send me a copy of the picture and my autograph and put it in a little book for me so I can show other countries when I enter how pretty I am.
It's time to bleach the roots for sure. Jeeez, I'm such a poser!
 a small kitten is stalking my every move <3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Old picture of the day

This is from 1999 I think. I went to some festival this night :)
What ever happened to that cute little bum?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Phase 1 again

Finally April is coming to an end! There have been no end to the birthday partys and invitations this month. Usually I eat Montinac 80% of the time and then other things 20% of the time.
But this crazy eating feast hidden inside the Easter made me do the opposite and NOW I have to pay the price! 2 kilos up.
I hate loosing weight over a long period of time so I just went straight for Phase 1 today.

Many have asked how one eat at Phase 1, so here's what I had today.
Remember - you should always eat so you feel full, never go hungry!

Breakfast: ½ an apple 20 minutes before, then water and 2 ryebread with nothing but smoked ham and tomatoes on
(fruit before is to avoid that bloodsugar fall after you have eaten)
Break: fruit salad (apple/pear/orange)
Lunch: ½ an apple 20 minute before. Fried high meat sausage, red onion, mushrooms and 2 fried eggs, water.
Break: tea and a rye bread
Dinner: ½ an apple 20 minutes before. Basmati rice, smoked pork loin, paprika, red onions, fresh salad, green beans, water.
Evening snack: rye bread with raw spiced salmon and fresh white pepper and dill, water.

I often go for the same breakfast, mostly because I'm lazy and don't care that much in the mornings.
Rye breads with sliced egg/ham/avocado or wholegrain porridge with fresh berries in Phase 1.

Out in the sun

I've been away most of the day. I had a terrible time trying to hide from the sun as I was visiting one of my best friends. She lured me out into the sun with home made "dammsugare"/vacuum cleaner's and a fantastic chocolate pie and latte.
The cookie "vacuum cleaner" (rum taste and marzipan)
I'm now trying to bleach my skin back to the pale, dead'ish vampire color it was before. Darn my spanish heritage! ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cute girl made an Adora make up video

This is just the best!
This super sweet girl made a perfect replica of the make up I wore at the modelling pictures for the jewellry from Pink Absinthe, and she really has an eye for the details. I'm very proud of the video she did.
This is Helena is Red's blog

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday party at my dad's house

Yesterday my father had his birthday party (you see, april is a packed month. What the hell happened 9 months before? Oh, I know - summer!)
This was my look of the evening
I made the hat and the hair clips myself :)
 Me and my sister were hogging the candy table

My darlings birthday cake

2 hours before the party began he decided it would be nice to have a birthday cake, and as the good wife I am I of course made him one :)
I didn't have the time to bake him a sponge cake so I had to BUY one! It's like selling your soul to the Devil. Ah, what the heck, I of course did that years ago...
He turned 42, but on his invitations he said it was a kids party so that's why it says 4,2 years and I tried to make it a bit boy'ish. I filled it with whipped cream with vanilla as well as strawberries.
I'm no fan of birthday cakes, but I must say - this was good *yeah, keep blowing your own horn, fake Martha Stewart*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday party for my husband

While waiting for the guests to arrive I practice on looking bored while holding my wine glass
 it's easy to look bored with this horrible view from my balcony ;)
Look at the WONDERFUL bat pendant my husband bought me <3
he really loves his BatBrat :)
Ups! Now I must attend to my guests that just arrived.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More easter crafting

The crafting have no end!!

My endearing husband have trouble with a few of my personality types. One is my hoarding.
I save the most stupid things because, as you know, it might come in handy... He says "blablaa, you are never going to use this crap".
And this time, HA-HAA, I proved him wrong!
After, for some reason I can not remember, I saved the packing plastic from my timer for a year, I finally found a use for it! This made me very pleased :)
I used it to mold supercute sugar easter rabbits to give to all the hostesses at the easter dinners I'm going to.
and yes, it says 242 on the timer because I love Front 242
Molded sugar:
½-1 teaspoon of water
caramel color
1 dl sugar 

Mix the caramel color with the water then pour down the sugar. The consistency should be as wet sand (if not add some more sugar or water). If it gets to wet the sugar will start melting and they will not look as "sugary". I keep mine as dry as possible.
Use any mold and press the sugar tight with your fingers. Cut clean on the surface. Take some oven paper and hold against the mold, turn over and put on a plate (if bigger stuff, put directly to a plate to avoid cracks). Let dry for about two hours. DO NOT poke on your mold until it's completely dry otherwise it will fall apart quicker then the local fool will collect cans on a Saturday night.
When it's dry you can decorate it with royal icing and sprinkles.

I will not rub his face in it saying "I told you it would come to use" because the other things I have laying around is most likely crap...

Goth Martha Stewart doing some easter crafting

Ohh, I love doing crafting!
My husband have said I'm like a transsexual man, but a woman. Does it make sence?
I'm so in love with glitter, make up and sparkly things I should make a hell of a tranny, and I do think I am a tranny at heart. So, when it comes to crafting I just bring my inner tranny out and dive into the sea of glitter.
My easter crafting.
I had to make some new sugar eggs and hearts because my dad fell in love with the ones I made before and took them all home with him. So cute!
I made a faux sugar egg.
Cut out the panorama window (remember: a goth should never use a razorblade without supervison).
Paint it white, then paint it with glue and roll it in sugar.
Inside: paint it in pink, then with glue and sprinkle it with fab pink glitter. Glue the egg together. Put in some moss, cut out figurines and decorate it with royal icing. Ta-daa!
 Admire the cut out chandelier I put in. My rabbit is kind of upper class ;)
 My white rabbit is two mirror images of a sweet little bunny, cut out and then glued on both sides of a cardboard paper. Glue the sides and dip it in glitter. Make it stand by adding cross sections of hard paper.
 A close up on my real sugar eggs i molded and then decorated with royal icing (make a bunch of icing flowers and put in a jar to always have decorations ready. Lasts a year).

The blue rabbits are made by making a boll of royal icing. Let set for a few seconds while you add an edible pearl as a tail, then make a ball as the rabbits head. Quickly press down a white sprinkle heart as ears and a smaller pearl as the nose. Paint on the eyes with black caramel color or melted chocolate.
 My baby chicken is made out of marzipan, have a golden pearl as a beak and painted eyes in caramel color. What is it with small things that i so fascinating? For me it is the feeling of pretending I'm a giant!

Monday, April 18, 2011

More stockings!

As most girls I enjoy a nice package.
I got me one today ;)
Another cool stocking to put in my upcoming webshop. It's already-done German stockings!
I just love that now I can be lazy, and still have ripped stockings quickly in the morning, but with a bit more organized holes, more prep!
These can be worn at any parental meeting any day.

Modelling Naucler Design

Today I modelled Naucler Design latex hats. Here's a sneak-peak!
Pretty little thing, right?
Naucler Design at Facebook.
Naucler Design homepage.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Birthday party for Fairlight

Today I had 8 kids running around.
Fairlight was having an Easter Birthday party, where everyone was dressed as påskakärringar/easter witches.
It was a fantastic party! I know I was beaten and half dead after...just as it should be!
Synthia was at a friends Birthday party prior to this. She looked so cute <3
Fairlight even celebrated at daycare this Monday, and had these cupcakes and cookies with her
For God's sake I hope it's the end to Birthday parties for a while... OH NOOO! It's my husbands birthday the 21'st of April.
When will this madness end?!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture of the Day

I got a mail from photographer Jan Blok of Holland with a picture from last years M'era Luna today.
Oh, how I long to the M'era Luna festival right now. I even long for my sprained ankle I'm desined to get.
-What! Who? Me? Naaahh, I never get tipsy in Germany!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy in my pants

The postman made a ding-dong on my door
when I opened up I found a package on the floor

The package made me drop my pants
faster then a rocket scientist could nail my aunts

My legs got squeezed real tight
and I'm ready for a party all night

12 of these will go the the webshop
but I want them for myself, I can feel a tear drop

It's the lovely stockings I have drooled over.
Right now I feel like Gollum and wanna hide them all in my grotto, and have them all, just for me..

Oh yeah, look how proper I was at todays lecture about social media.
I'm very fond of wearing big bows around my neck, almost as much as I love pearls, rhinestones and lace.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old picture of the day

At Depeche Mode, Stockholm, 2001.
With my super cute friend Jennifer <3 She is just too hot!
I even got a backstage pass that day and accused Martin Gore of stealing all my clothes! He had a good laugh and talked for a while *whiii, starstruck eyes*

And - no - I didn't go there like this, it was in the middle of winter. I looked like this on arrival. And yes, I made the long skirt and the jacket myself.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blond hair makes me stupid(er)!

When you bleach your hair to make it blond your hair becomes like a drinking straw. And this is how you become stupid - the brain cells are just pouring out through the holes (and it takes a blond girl to come up with this idea). This is why you should always color over the white with some color fast like hell to lock the brain cells in.

I'm now suffering from bleaching stupidity.
I'm getting dumber by the minute.
And my make up skills seems to fade, I just can't see the fun in doing my make up anymore, since it doesn't look as good with plain, boring, white hair. (I love other people in white hair, but I just can't see the same beauty in me having white hair).

Just look at me from today. I had a no make up day today, I forgot I had a parental meeting so I had exactly 24 minutes before I had to leave home. 22 minutes doing make up, 1 minute hair and 1 minute clothes. And look - it's a disaster! No wonder I look so pouty on the pictures. White hair is like a blank paper. Nothing. Inspiration is gone.
With white hair; no make up skills, and with lack of make up skills follows bad taste in clothing as well... HELP!!! Where's a jar of hair color when you need it?!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gothic item: fishnet pantyhose

One of the first items bought as a little aspiering goth was a pair of classic fishnet stockings. They costed a small fortune back in the days, but it was worth every penny. I did everything in them, and I mean EVERYTHING! We were the best of friends; laughing and planning for world domination. Then the bitch left me for a pair of PU pants..

The classic fishnet pantyhose is a must in a goth girls wardrobe. Always start out with a classic pair, then add some with bigger nets as well.

if you get a hole in them, just transform them to German stockings (it's what me and my friends calls ripped stockings)
if you get a hole in the groin, just do as we all do: cut off the feets, put your head through the groin, in with the arms in the legs and the waist below your breasts. See, even (I assume: rich) Lady Gaga does it. I think goths do it better though..

AND - you are never bored with a pair of fishnets ;)