Monday, November 7, 2011

Todays make up

On my way out for a business meeting.

The clever little hair clip is a picture of an old medicine bottle printed and glued to a wooden cut out  board and a hair clip glued on the back.

Easy and striking!

Unfortunately I can't take credit for making it as I bought it at a stall at the new "Space market" in Camden, London.

But belive me, I will use this knowledge for my own privilege to somehow make this help me rule the world!

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M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 2

Here is a picture of me and my sister Iva Insane by Andreas Metzner from this years M'era Luna:
Aww, we are so cute together!!! I miss my super pretty sister :(  ...and M'era Luna....and all the fab and sweet friends we have there... Miss you all!

Reader Recommendation: Nordlicht

I just LOVE when my fellow bats sees something adorable and send the tips straigh to me!
Lovely Nordlicht got the "subtile" message that I have a flair for princess crowns and as she was out hunting for whatever scary thing on she saw this scary sweet crown and immediately thought of me!
Isn't that just the sweetest?!

Crown by Etsy designer Noxhyde $59.99. Made of leather.
Are to be fastened by bobby pins.
Of course I love it! It's so EVIL!
The designer of this creation is Noxhyde.
She's got these lovely cat ears as well. $39.99.
Really brings shame to my old DIY ones! *bit embarassed now*
They have long stitches underneath that you put the bobby pins in.
But since I'm a crafting person myself I will try to make my own. I love this idea! But I will probably add hair clips to them. Just don't have the time to fuck round with bobby pins in the morning...

Panic!!! Facebook account disactivated!

Someone, now on top of my dead list (and will turn up dead tomorrow), reported to Facebook that Adora BatBrat wasn't my real name (you know who you are S!).
Now...that's not nice..
Especially since I AM Adora BatBrat! Just as much as Norma Jean was Marilyn Monroe.
Worst thing is I can't even get access to my linked accounts; like my official Adora BatBrat page, Asperger Synthdrome and Facebook pages...
But since I'm the luckiest person alive I will turn out on top of this anyway ;)

Sunday ice capades!

In my attempt to stay true to my Sunday Goth coolness I tried out a new activity since last Sundays theater was fun - and that's not cool.
Digged out my old ice skates that'd been in hiding since the last decade (more like 15 years).
Ice is cool so it might just done the trick!
But it was a pure BatBambi on ice I can tell you!

I fell on my pretty behind ONCE and of course my husband caught it on video!
But once again I had fun, so this won't quality as a cool Sunday Goth activity either.
But I will not rest until I've discovered the perfect cool Goth thing to do on a Sunday!