Monday, September 12, 2011

My Music Mondays: Depeche Mode

Every summer I packed my bags and moved out to grandma Birgit and grandpa Harry's summer place where I lived the whole summer.
I had my very own set of summer friends and I was always happy to see them.
This might seem so far away from who I am today, but as a kid and pre-teens, I loved to be out in the nature by my self or go fishing fresh bass for breakfast at 04.00 AM with grandpa.
One day I was hanging out with my funny friend "Ulle", it was the summer break between 6'th Degree and 7'th Degree, I was 11, and as we sat in her room taking about far out stuff she put a cassette on.
Immediately I lost track of everything and felt like I was having an outer body experience and I amost got light headed.

"-What's this? WHAT'S THIS, ULLE!!!
-It's some tape I got from a guy I'm in love with.
- But, what is this pure and strange sound?
-They are called Depeche Mode.
Depeche Mode, I mumbled to myself."
That second my life changed forever.
I've found home.

I went back and got a cassette and we sat down in her bed as she copied the two sides with the records: Some Great Reward and Construction Time Again from my new House Gods; Depeche Mode.
I listened to my cassette every day. By this time I knew nothing about the subculture followed with this clean sound, I just tripped and fall by the music.

Still to this day nothing makes me feel better then really good electro music (love excluded).
I have Ulle to thank for finding this life. Thank's, Ulle!
Depeche Mode had such a great impact of my life so it will be next My Music Mondays as well

Where's my poison?!

I've been so sad lately :(
I'm caught in a Catch 22.
I'm so sad I want to drink poison, and the reason for me being sad is I lost my Poison Necklace... see the complication?
But yesterday was a wondeful day when I all of a sudden found my lovely necklace (halsband, for those who wanna learn Swedish)!! It had moved in with one of my rosarys!

Picture borrowed from BB Catsy's Allison. Price for this lovely thing: $10.00
I was so happy, the birds were singing and a rainbow appeared outside my window (or perhaps in my deranged mind) and I was just about to put this lovely thing on when goth depression struck!
The poison had dried, and left was just an empty poison bottle. Buuu-ahhhh-haa-huuuhhh, me so saaaaad...
Me so saaad I want to drink poison, but what the hell? There is no poison for me to drínk.
God hates me.
BB Catsy on

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 1, video

I sometimes moonlight as a guardian angel, and this is my try out video we had to send in to God to be judged for the last job. I did get it, He was very pleased by my pirouette and the surprised face I pulled at the end.