Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today's Goth make up

Was in my old hometown Kalmar and did some shopping today.

My dad, my extra mum and my cute sister and my whole family went for an afternoon break.
Me and my husband always buys different desserts, then we split them between us so we get 2 each.

After we made town, I did some serious shopping at IKEA (not that bad...)

Close up made late at night, before removal, so it's not that perfect..

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Goths mom's baby bats

The kids are all right!
(not to be yelled at: they have just gotten out of the car and is on their way inside -therefore the not so warm outfits. Okay?)

They are so stylish - and I can't take credit since they pick their own outfits.

Today's Goth make up

Since I have a special kind of life, I also celebrate Christmas in a special kind of way; 3 times.

Today it was time for Christmas at my dad and extra mom's house.
Me and my baby BatBrat's shares a cheers with you :)

I got a nice pile of gifts. Wihoo, I'd been nice this year too!

I was eager to rip them up just like I would a fresh torso.

Ahh, how I love those fangs of mine!
Yes, total randomness, but I just do!

As you can see I was very pleased with my gifts.
I got some super products for my hair, stockings with crosses, M.A.C. primer amongst others from my pretty sister (who refused to be seen on a picture together with me even though she looked so perfect it almost hurted my eyes), and a big chunk of money *;)* from my dad and extra mom (straight to the tattoo piggy bank) and lots of other great things. Thank you!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Me and the kids

Saying cheerio mates!

I have Christmas once again!

At my dad's house celebrating Christmas once again.
Got some lovely gifts from the parents and my pretty sister (who didn't want to be on the picture even though she is so pretty you almost wanna poke your eyes out).

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Me and Christmas gifts

I went seriously casual today.
Mainly because of lack of time. But still - I managed to get some make up on after all...

Made some pickled herring with sherry and tomato to bring to the Christmas lunch (Swedes celebrate Christmas the 24th of December, and usually eating all the Christmas food about lunch).

Then I went out for some more shopping and the rest of the evening was filled with me, a huge stack of gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons and labels and Scotch tape.
It was fun!

Tomorrow: making the kids clean and proper for Xmas, some more shopping, bit wrapping, hopefully baking and then playing board games with the kids as I relax.
I'll start by sleeping. It's almost 03:00 here now so it is about time...but I had so much fun....!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doing class mum duties

The little kids have only 2 days left in school before the Christmas holiday.
I am totally pre-occupied with shopping, wrapping, crafting and other Christmas stuff.

I delivered a big candy basket from all of the parents at school to the teachers and after school teachers that cares for our lovely kids (it was also some rye bread and clementines for those who follows any diet).
Here's the über filled basket for the teachers.
In the background you can see my lovely Christmas tree and under the window you can spot my fox and a gnome.
My collection of cool gnomes from the 1940's and forward I found at charity shops, second hand and  flea markets posing together with my lovely fox Marian Gold (named after the singer of Alphaville).

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My home: Christmas 2012

Behind the Christmas tree:
I have my cool gnomes from the 1940's and forward (all second hand findings) to keep my beautiful fox company; named Marian Gold after the singer of Alphaville.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Synthia won!

Look at my happy daughter!
She won the contest for having the prettiest hair at the party; voted by her classmates.
She is so proud! And me too!

Synthia to party

Our oldest child, Synthia, is at a birthday party this evening.
On the invitation it said the prettiest hair would win something and Synthia wanted to have a chance at the winning. I so hope she wins!
It would mean so much to her.

As you can see she felt very pretty <3
She looks like a mini-Adora without her glasses, don't you think?
With her glasses on she's a spitting image of her grandma as a kid (and she was so cute).

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Goth Saint Lucia's Day!

Shit - I really DO look good on pictures sometimes!
(Note to all: Always love yourself the most since:
you are the best you there is!)
I had this make up on yesterday when I went out to a café with my tea date Cajsa.
Obviously I had on black clothes then (obviously!), but I thought the make up stood out more wearing pale clothes at the pictures.

I really love this girl on the picture - I wanna be her!
I wanna be her so much I cry blood!

A little close up on the goth bloody tears make up

Pretty Adora

I looked so pretty today <3

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goth cross in blood

Part of today's make up.

Me and Cajsa at the tea date we just had. See how pretty she is! I just love sitting and watch her as we talk <3
I just got back home so now I will continue my baking that I started before I went out on our date.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Last years Christmas dinner with husbands work

Tomorrow I'll join my husband as the trophy wife I am at the Christmas dinner with his work.

This is how I presented myself last year (the later pictures is during make up).
How can I ever beat that?! I looked stunning!
Like the UCG girl I always claim to be.

I do have pretty pink hair now and just painted my nails in a fresh-blood nuance/ hooker red, but that's how much I've planned so far.
I tend to look quite ravishing in pale colors, but I did that last year...

-What's wrong with Goth black, Adora?
-Oh, nothing at all dear undead make up painted friends, but I'll be in a room filled with "normal" people that actually often wears black at their more stylish moments (see, they all wanna be Goths at parties..) so I wanna take the chance to show off how amazing I look in colors just to show them I know I'm super, well, mega super flawless dressing like one of them, but that I am cool and confident enough to still only wear black in my regular life just since I know I'm so above all The Normals (also a cool band with a great song) and can easily beat them at their own corner.
Hell, all Goths can do that super easy! We are just a prettier breed ;)

Just to avoid any miss-communication: I Am being "bit" sarcastic.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I turned 40 today

Am I pleased? No.

Just kidding!!!
I've been such a queen today, demanding this and that  :)

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goth's Christmas tree

It's not a Goth Christmas tree, but a Christmas tree made by a Goth.

I bought it, dressed it and I love it!
(I usually have two Swedish flags on top too, but I haven't found them yet.)

Me and my husband started the tradition that every December day until Christmas we run with the kids through all the rooms wearing red santa hats singing "Nu är det jul här i vårt hus"/"Now it's Christmas here in our house" and when we are done we sit down and light a "tomtebloss"/? before it's goodnight.

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