Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Adora BatBrat lips

Sometimes I paint my lips like this,with black Kohl pen lining and darker at the edges of the mouth and then I use one or two shades of red to finish it.
I paint the lipstick on with a lipstick brush to get a perfect edge and blending.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Goth make up

I added some liquid Kryolan TV -white for dots and for a small filling in the eyebrows.
The eyebrow idea I saw at a picture of my tea date Cajsa. A very nice touch.

I use the other end of my eyeliner brush to make perfect found dots (the wood part).

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I just bought a Christmas tree!

What? Already, you say?
Yep! I always buy my tree before or just at the first of Advent, mainly because my birthday is the 5th of December and I want everything christmasy and perfect when I invite the relatives over.

Today me and Fairlight was supposed to go out and buy her annual Christmas ornament and just happened to see the town market - and one geezer had 3 trees where one was a perfect tree for us!
I'm so happy and bubbly about our piece of forest.
Decorations are the best!
Pretty husband not so happy he's got to carry all 11 cartons of my Christmas ornaments from the addict...
I might have to feed him gingerbreads and kisses all evening to make him happy again.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have never been prettier!

It's no secret I can't get enough of shiny things and prettiness, but as I did my (statue me) make up I was amazed how incredible pretty I could look!

Now I'll just start praying and admire my new God.
What to call my own religion?
Adorable Hearts? Sounds kind of cute :)

I actually have my own religion...

Since my pre-teens I invented my own twist of Christianity mixed with a few bits and pieces from other religions.
Perhaps I can make that my Friday goal; to write down the parts.
Not to convert anyone, just to let you get a glimpse of the strange world inside my fantastic brain.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm still alive!

So sorry, but I have been lost in the world if baking all week.

Apparently I'm celebrating my 40'th birthday on Saturday (well, the one for my friends) .
No need to panic - I'm not 40 until the 5'th of December at 08:26 in the morning. Still part if the 30 age...
But since Christmas soon is upon us I decided in having the party now, and one in January for all the relatives. I will probably celebrate on the actual day as well!

At a weak moment I decided on having a French theme party. What the hell I was thinking about I don't know, but I have been making Petit Fours all week long.
At the picture I'm showing a few of the cake toppers I just made.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yesterday's look

Synthia took this gorgeous picture of me yesterday at my husband's parents house celebrating Fathers Day.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goth make up of today

Sunday Goth.

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Celebrating Fathers day

I'm at my husband's mum and dad to celebrate Father's Day.
I'm looking forward to the dinner - it's Swedish "kroppkakor"! WIHIIIOOO!

Crafting - Necklaces

Yesterday I made myself 3 new necklaces!
I looooove them.
Favourite is of course the Adora choker.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday goth look

I had such a headache all day and felt crap. Yes, indeed - crap!
My mind probably do not function like others because instead of trying to hide and melt in some ugly ass clothes and no make up I try the opposite - dressing up and try to look fabulous.

See - looking good makes feeling good. It works!
Or I'm just so stupid I believe anything I tell myself :)

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Gingerbread witch

I promised the baby-BatBrats we'd make gingerbread dough and drink "glögg"/mulled wine (non alcoholic) today.
The recipe are supposed to rest for at least a week in the refrigerator to set the flavors so it's about time!
I use the recipe from Johan Sörberg "Riddarbageriets söta".

Perhaps there will be nothing left to make cookies from since we'll eat lots during.
Warning: if you are going to eat LOTS of dough take off a piece before you add the bicarbonate.
Tummy pain!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today's look

Basic Goth wear by Adora BatBrat

Basic Goth wear by Adora BatBrat by adorabatbrat featuring sequin pants
This is what I consider "basic" goth wear. Nothing special, but still okay.
I had 2 meetings at school yesterday with Fairlight's and TeeBee's teachers wearing this.
(Can someone please help me here - is that correct, or should it be TeeBees' instead of TeeBee's or just plain TeeBees?).
I did feel a bit dressed down from the usual me though.

NO, NO, nothing like that! 
They didn't bite their little friends or anything, it was just the ordinary development chat with the teachers. Fairlight improved (she didn't talk as much and actually raised her hand before talking ;) ). The other things she had under control. Made mum proudest - she is so positive, her teacher said :)

TeeBee...well, what can we say about him...
Also very positive, his teacher said, but ants in the pants, talks as much as I do and just wanna have fun all the time.
Makes his homework witout any effort and scored the highest of all kids in the class (waaaay higher) with 61 points out of 62! A brainiac! Just like me ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Part II

Saturday I was shipped away to an area far out in the spinach.
I was told to wear a Halloween outfit.
You might think a cool goth girl like me should stay cool about it, but I HATE being scared!!!
As we drove up to the house I saw a big witch mixing something deadly in her black kettle, a gigant black spider (1½ meters across) hanging from a big web, Death standing on the porch with red eyes staring at me, scary pumpkins everywhere and a thick fog covering the stairs up to the house..

I did as any girl in a horror movie would do put in a similar scene - I went out of the car and walked towards the house of course.
Ahhhgh, scared!!!
But unlike those stupid bimbos, who obviously is not as clever as us goth girls, I said out loud: "-This is so spooky, please don't scare me!"
If this indeed was a movie, would that have helped?
Of course not!
And it didn't in real life either.

Door opened. Hello and welcome, hugs and lots of people in crazy outfits. Husband went in, I came in after.
followed by my -AAAAAIHHHH!!!
They got me.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Adora BatBrat video - Wednesday 1

Every other Wednesday I go for a tea date with this pretty girl called Cajsa von Dellqvist.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012, part II

Halloween party with friends tonight.
They had everything so cool done at home as the yard. I was so impressed by their decorations and the time spent to make everything so perfect. Thanks M & L for a scary and lovely evening.

Wound made the evening before: nylon stocking, school glue, tissue paper, make up, acrylic paint and stitches.

Doctor and nurse will help you........DIE!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crafting - Halloween wounds

Skin colored tights, school glue, tissue paper, rouge and acrylic paint made this sassy wound.
Sewing a few stitches made it even better.
I will make it perfect as I get dressed for the Halloween party tomorrow.

This is fun!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adora in family photo

My dad and my extra mum came and celebrated TeeBee today since they can't join us on Saturday.
We had a lovely dinner and dessert.

TeeBee got a big Ninjago, Transformers and Star Wars Lego.
All things that makes a 6 year old boy super happy!

Crafting - lace shirt with petrol fur for kids

From the lovely pile of fabric I bought I made a shirt yesterday, just in case any of the kids wanted to wear it at last night Halloween disco for kids.

Fairlight went bananas as she saw it and put it on at once!
She's got it on for school today as well!
Mummy feel so proud she actually liked it :)
It was such fun making it.
Best Goth mummy award getting closer...

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