Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kids sick all around

My poor Fairlight and TeeBee is sick :(
Fairlight's got nettle-rash all over her body. She says she looks like a leopard.
It's some allergic reaction to something we don't know. But doctor's gave her some medicine and salve to make it better.
But I will probably be a bitch mom and nag until she gets an allergy test.
TeeBee is suffering from high fever and complains about having a sore throat.
At daycare they told me both scarlet fever, impetigo and strep throat are going around amongst the kids right now... poor TB.
When I called the doctor they said to wait until tomorrow to come see them if he still suffered from a sore throat then.

So today: much cuddling, movies and goth mommy was sweet and made the kids small pancakes for dinner. A pamper mom, I know, but it's awful seeing them sick and not being able to help.
Small pancakes helps a bit :)
Tomorrow Iwill be serving them another favourite just to spoil them even more: turnip mash and pork sausage. Whiiii, I'm the best mom there is!!!