Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guests today

My mother and her husband came for lunch and desserts today.
We had canapes for lunch (strange lunch I know...).
and then after we had some coffee with Bailey's, lemon cupcakes with frosting and semifreddo served with strawberries.
I got the one that matched my new GreenGate mug.
Today the try-outs for the European Song Contest starts! Wihooo!
I love that.
Usually we hang out with friends and look at it together; judging their singing, clothes and hair etc., but this year we totally forgot the try-outs started today already. And now we both had Bailey's so we can't drive anywhere :(
Oh well, we'll try to be horrible at home instead, trash-talk and give them the goth-finger if they deserve it. But I'm such a sucker for this type of entertaining so I'll probably just looooove everything. Apart from those "fun" dodoes that's always singing about some pizza or love in a wuss way. (links to two of Swedens best *not*)

Swedes have lousy taste in music, and although we have had fantastic songs for the try-outs they have voted for ass-music. How on earth can they turn Alcazar down - 4 times!
If I was under weapon threat and not allowed to listen to electro goth, I would easily surrender to this. It's happy and glitz, just like me.

Synthia almost crushed by IKEA door!

Yesterday when our sweet Synthia was about to pick out an outfit for the next day she opened her mirror door to the PAX wardrobe, by IKEA, and the door let go in the anchoring and fell right at her. In the nick of time she jumped to the side and the door just missed her.
With a heavy bang the door fell to the floor and there was miniature glass splinter all over.
The door is extremely heavy, and if it had hit her I'm sure she would have been killed! I had a hard time with images of what could have been if she wasn't as lucky as she was. Dear God, she could have been killed! She's so tiny...
She too was in shock I guess, she was very upset later. She had to spend the night in Fairlight's room since hers was full of glass.

The worst thing is IKEA sells these doors to this wardrobe still (I think). Synthia had this wardrobe since she was a baby, what if it had happened earlier? Or if it had hit her on the head now...
I must contact IKEA and let them know this door isn't safe before some kid gets hurt.