Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clumsy Adora!

Me and TeeBee watched Lilo and Stitch.

It was time for our afternoon break so I jumped up from the sofa to go and prepare it.

I stumbled on my long goth legs on a wire and fell like a timber.

I scraped my ribs on the corner of our coffee table, my left arm got twisted to my back. I thought it would snap!

Luckily it didn't but my ribs are gonna look nice tomorrow I guess...

It only hurts when I laugh ;)

I'm changfung

How I just love when my phone makes up her own words!

"Changing" is the correct word.

Today I created a real business account and tomorrow I'll have an important meeting at 11:00 am to seal my destiny. If all goes well I will change.....   :)