Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

39 years ago I looked like this:
This is my mother Eivor, 21 at the time, and newborn me the 5th of December 1972.
Ohh, I'm so cute! I love that round face!
You can clearly see my spanish heritage at my young age. I look kind of goth with all that black hair and black eyes (lenses? hahaha).
I can't really see the resemblance with the grown me though. Can you?
Ohh, someone is getting a bit cranky!
"-Quickly, bring her some blood bags!"
So, today, at 08:26 AM I turned 39 years old.
And what lovely gift did I get?
This is what I got for my birthday:
a root filling!!!
It will cost me 7000 SEK/$1045 before it's done.
Not exactly what I hoped for when I woke up this morning..

I can now only hope for my next birthday (the BIG 4-0) will turn out better!