Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goth gadgets - blood

I once caught a human, sliced his neck and someone made a necklace of that cut! Can be found at VonErickson's Esty for $15.00 USD.
I left the body bleeding on my floor for a while.
I then brought the body to the table and chopped it up real good since it's a known fact goths like to kill and make collops from other humans. The good thing about this table is you can really carve someone to pieces without it being showed. Made by John Nouanesing.
oh, and look was was left laying on the floor later! Better make some use to it. Buy here for $18.99.
I managed to make a big mess when I cleaned myself too. The mat ($14.99) and the curtain ($14.99) must be thrown away now.
Tired now, must sleep...(£14.95)
just gonna kill the lights first

Montignac Method lunch

According to Mr Montignac lunch should be the days fattest meal (but you should still be moderate in Phase 1).
Here's an example of a Phase 1 lunch (don't forget to have a fruit 20 minutes before):
and again - as much as you want
  • sausage with a meet percentage above 80%
  • red onion
  • mushrooms
  • ruccola
  • cucumber
  • green olives
  • sun dried tomatoes

  • crisp bread served with
  • philadelphia
  • fried egg
If you rather want to have beans/peas/lentils/fullgrain pasta or bulgur in this meal you have to remove the sausage and philadelphia.
This dish can be changed for eternity.

Fat + fibres are ok (sausage, Philadephia + veggies, egg, crisp bread, mushrooms) or
Carbohydrates + fibres are ok (beans, peas, fullgrain pasta and so on + veggies, egg, crisp bread, mushrooms).
The no-no is: Fat + carbohydrates.