Sunday, May 9, 2010


This morning I thought I had it figured out - how to program the sheets for the exhibit.
But then I forgot how I did it - WTF?! Rest of the day was spent to try to remember. But, nah...

I felt so stupid!
After like 67 trial and errors I found a working way - but there's no way in hell this is the "fight" way - it's to complicated.

The papersheets are to be 90 x 150 centimeters, 200 dpi.
The area of the text is 50 x 142 centimeters
The text is Arial, size 47.
The text must be tabbed, so I made it in Words, even though I can't get the sheet as big as I need. That didn't work, so I pasted it in Power Point instead, and tried as good as I could to tab it.. Then saved it to a pdf, opened it in Photoshop and copied. That works. Takes some time, but can be done.
But this can't be the easiest way???
If there is any computer wiz out there - HELP ME!!!