Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty goth shoes: DIY

I have had a hard time getting the cool goth platform shoes I wanted.
Here's the story on how I got my new "homemade" shoes. Take some grown up by the hand as I let the story begin...
The shoes underneath have been my quest for a very long time.
I found them on a picture, but to find them "live" where I actually could buy them has been hell!
Here's my dream shoes:
I've gotten so many helpful tips from everybody that have read my call out for help but unfortunately I never found these exact ones.
The ones found was always too high and not shiny.
I wanted boots that were medium high - mainly because I often wear lace stockings and wanna show them off.
No use looking cool if noone can see it!
And I love glitz and glam so I need my boots to be shiny.

After failing like a snail trying to use powder for a matte look I just had to take my business elsewhere - and I found these:
Not what I was looking for - but they had potential!
When I goth them they were not as shiny as on the picture, but not as matte as leather look either.
They are so comfortable and are my absolute favorite boots ever (well, at the moment)!
I bought them with the intent of altering them.

This is what I did:
Snip snip
So much better
Ta-daa! Almost as they were supposed to be. I didn't want a satin bow, but that was all I had at home.
Now I have changed to what it was supposed to be to begin with: dirty white crochet lace bows. So cute!
Here is how they look on my lovely feet

I think there is some "Today's style" picture recently with the new bows.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gingerbread house

Christmas is far gone...but the snow just landed in my town so we got a Christmas feeling and made a gingerbread house!

5 kids helped me to decorate it with tons of candy.

And then the kids have invited a few friends over for a gingerbread house slaughter!

I hope I can fight myself a blue candy.

It will probably look like a flock of hungry wolves attacking a small bird when the kids dig in.

Hope I'll have my fingers left afterwards.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Todays make up

I actually thought this would be the best make up everrrrr.

But it's more of a common BatBrat everyday make up...

Nothing in particular, but still sweet. You always got to love yourself!

This Friday I will have an additional child sleeping over (no, it's not my "sister").

My best friend L is kind enough to lend me her youngest to have a sleep over with TeeBee.  It will be fun!

Guessing there will be lots of Star Wars and Lego building going on.

So the girls can have a small sleep over by themselves as well.


I'll will be nailed to the sofa with the pretty boy's (known as my husband) lips glued to mine  <3

Friday I'm in love!

BatBrat design

Here's one of the first plates I made.

I love it!

It holds 60 degrees Celsius in the washing machine without problem.

I have made a few others (different text) before, but now my confidence is up and I will actually make a few for my (so far empty)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Todays make up

Nose is filled with nice, warm mucus.

Brain is filled with angry little men pounding on metal.

Someone used sandpaper in my throat and replaced my voice with a frogs.

Worst thing about having a cold is when your nose is running.

Very few make ups can survive a full day of blowing ones nose.

Not good if you are Goth and want to preserve that pale, half dead, look without having Rudolph 's red, shining, nose in the middle of your flawless face.

On one hand it can work to your favor!

If you manage to blow your nose to pop a blood vessel it can turn out like a really cool Goth make up. You know -  work with what you goth!

But to just be a bit red and ruffed around your nostrils will only make you look like a druggie, and according to me you might joke around about being a junkie, but please don't be.

Enough of "grown up" talk from me :)

Friday is up tomorrow and I will put a spell on you to wake up with an amazing bubbly and happy feeling inside and your hand will create the best make up you have seen and your smile will spread all the way back to me!

Can't belive how ego I am. Can't do anything good without demanding something back.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dollhouse: Pool part 3

Chocolate box turned into a pool area!
It's just some minor details left. I'm thinking about adding some white tiles around the pools as well.

I should so win an award for this one!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Room design: Fairlight's Candy room

The Candy room is on it's way.

I so love the BIG candies! I felt like a midget holding one.

I just bought some gift wrapper and we stuffed it with wrinkled newspapers. 2 meters lasted for 3 bug ones.

We have saved a few cereal boxes as well, to make even more candy. I'm very exited to see what it will look like when we're done.

We will make some huge lollipops as well. This is fun!

Dollhouse: Pool part 2

First step done. I'm very impressed by myself so far!

Now it's time for some Lego time with my son TeeBee who's always home on Tuesdays. Suits me perfect today since I'm down with a small fever and massive headache.

Sneeze, sneeze and sneeze all day long. Poor me have not even make up on!

THAT'S how bad it is..

Dollhouse: Pool

The dollhouse needs a pool the kids said.

An old chocolate box, a roll from a tape and some print outs of grass, pool water and a brick wall might do it?

Will be interesting to see how this will turn out..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reader Recommendation: MandaLynn

MandaLynn was sweet enough to share this über cool dip bowl etc.
I especially like the knife with the bat handle!
If I'm ever to be stabbed by a knife, I sure hope it will be a stylish one like this.
Here's the link she sent me.
Thank's a lot MandaLynn!

Crafting: Vintage Shabby chic chair

Just before Christmas I bought an Chippendale chair for 5 sek/ $0.8 at Kupan.
I had been looking for a chair I could repaint and give to my extra mum for Christmas. I got very happy when I found this one.

I used paint wash(?) at first, then a white pre coat (ah, technical words they forgot to teach me at English grammar class).
I topped it off with 2 layers of an acrylic white paint for wood.
Let it dry for at least 24 h.
Then time to make it shabby!
Use different kinds of sandpaper to create that old, used look.

Last of all I made a transfer print for the first time of my life.

The print said:
For those that I love and a big W.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's look

Some bathrooms are just slightly cooler than the others.
Most of the time it'sbecause they contain <3me<3 at the moment (what a stuck up comment, you a-hole!) I feel like Adora in Wonderland whenever I need to take a leak at my dad's and Beda's house .
The make up of today was a winner according to me. I felt so cuuuuute!
Time for my close up.

Aww, what a lovely crazy face! I think this is the kind of poses I do best.
If this wasn't me I'd like to give this far out chick a big kiss. What the hell, I just did...but in my hand.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Todays make up

White dots.

Black dots.

Black pointed dots.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old picture of the day

This was about 2001....that would make me 29 years at the time.
It's my first ever home made dreads! I was quite impressed by myself at the time I remember.
Just search for double ended dreads. I'm sure you will get lots of Kanekalon professional tutorials.
There are a thousand ways to make them. I want mine to be skinny and light and I do rarely attach them but use clips for easy removal.
I kind off do them the same way nowadays as well, but now I make double ended ones.

Kanekalon hair.

Take out a small amount of hair.

Fasten it on a hanger/door handle by the middle.

Start back combing (I use a lice comb) as you twirl one side of the double ended dread. Mess up, pull it straight, twirl, back comb..and so on.

When you are done you do the same to the other side of the double ended dread.

When you have made as many as you need it's time to do what we goths do best - self harm.

Put on a kettle of water in a tea pot (for controllable steam) and slowly move your dread through the steam as you twirl it. You will see it twirls itself and tightens up. You have to move at the same speed and range from the steam to make them even. Close for tight ones, and further away for fluffier.
(You will notice the self harm bit here because you always manage to burn yourself.)

When they are all done I usually seal them by dipping the ends in the boiling water.

Now you can braid them in or just fasten them with clips and put them up in dread falls.

Well, there are most certain better ways, but for me this always works since I hate having stuff attached to my hair.
I am NOT a pro at making or attaching dreads.
But I like to wear them :)

Today's look

I went for my darling Jack shirt today. My stabbed stockings and a pair of shorts. I felt so sporty! Like I'm a cheerleader perhaps?

And with a face like an angel ( who evidently fell into a bag of make up).

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sleeping with goth's: Goth gadgets

When you position yourself in the coffin pose every night (or day for those who can't enter the light) you want to sleep in style.
With those new completely dark drapers we don't even need a coffin any more so we can enjoy having a stylish bed and lovely linen.

Spiderweb is something you never can go wrong with, but personally I would have prefered a white with black webs. I'm sure that's available somewhere.

These are from Sin in Linen and can be bought for $79 HERE.
I have an old classic bed from IKEA (this is from my previous apartment). I also made a matching gantry to make it a canopy bed (in the 90's there were no such beds to get hold of here in Sweden so I had to make my own..)
About half of my friend group have the same one... I really, really like it.
Two of the 3 kids was made in it, that's how good it is!

BUT if I have had not this bed I'd love to be in bed with one of these:
From Wrought Iron Furniture . But what's with the bedding?! Whooa, those "normal" people are just SO scary!
This is my favorite amongst the group!
An all white bedroom and some blood squirts (fake, if you wish) over the linen and the walls.Wow, it would be so incredible!

This bed is so pricy I would probably scream myself to sleep every evening, but it is pretty!
It's a Tennyson bed from And So To Bed. Can be bought for $4000 (?) and above if I'm not mistaken.

Not liking the rest of the room, just the bed. To me it looks a bit like Flander's bedroom with those curtains and stuff. Like seriously religious instead of cool goth. But the bed itself looks lovely.
At Corsican you can look at 2545 different kinds of beds, many beautiful goth worthy, but I have no idea where to buy them :(
But you can't write about gothic beds and not mention Newtons over the top beds!
What little goth girl have not dreamed of having adventures with another dark soul in this roubust bed.
Newtons Versailles Noir bed can be bought HERE for this months special price £799.
In my apartment this fantastic piece would unfortunately not look so good since the rooms are quite small, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Our kids have this kinds of adjustable beds: all from IKEA.
It seems to still be available HERE for £74.99.
Bed "Minnen". Synthia's is the same, but in black.
This is the style of TeeBee's bed (but not his actual bed). I love the "prison" feeling to it. Perhaps he does not...
This one seems to be available HERE for $115.

All their rooms are getting a slight make over now when the Christmas things are out.
Fairlight wants a Candy room, Synthia a Jungle room, and TeeBee is not yet decided on if he wants a Robot room, an Aeroplane room or an Aqua room. I hope he goes for a Robot room!

The kids all have their own room, but if they were supposed to share a room I would so go for this one!
Prettiest bunk bed I've ever seen.
I love all you designers that makes life so much more beautiful <3 Thank's!

And all of you creative people out there:
You can just buy some MDF board, and paint the style of the bedhead, incredible cheaper but still cool! Or buy this very light, but thick, aluminum metal wire and shape it. It will not be as sustainable but it may achieve the right look.

Sleep tight, (don't) let the vampire goths bite!

Victorian collar prototype

Today I got the first Victorian collar, signed BatBrat. I feel so proud!

But, sure, some trouble ahead once more. It's made in the wrong material. The seamstresses have used the dupion taffeta from the Adorable Heart blouse instead of the thicker bridal satin...

Just to send back, and redo.

What you think? About when I'm 97 the BatBrat collection will finally be out for sales...