Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting in the house

At Christmas every year I force my kids to do some crafts. The thing with making crafts with kids is you want them to make things you actually want to show. I think I did good this year. They made some fantastic things, and I love having them shown in our home.
Here's their wonderful angel candle holders
  • Buy cheap candle holders at IKEA
  • Paint them with glue
  • Put on a sweet angel bookmark
  • Quickly roll it in sugar (here you can blow-dry to faster get to the next step)
  • Paint the upper edge with glue and dip it in silver/gold glitter
  • Put in a tea light and light it - enjoy <3
I also had them make some cute mittens to hang in the tree.
  • Cut a nicely patterned felt into two mittens
  • Sew them together with easy stitches
  • Glue on a crochet lace
  • Thread a red ribbon through it and tie
  • Hang it in you tree/nose/whatever
I think they are just supercute <3 My kids got lots of compliments from the proud mum. Aww, they did good. Now they are craft-free until Valentine's Day ;)