Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just got back from the studio. I hope I didn't kill Wallan's ears... One song for the festival is now done. Only some mixing left. AND the commercial is done! I'm gonna play it for the company-people next week. Hope they like it!
Sometimes I get business proposals at youtube: "Can you put this link in your movies for money?" I always look at it, but so far noone had any luck.
This weeks must have been the funniest ever! I almost laughed my eyebrows off!
They said it was a link to different products that would suit my clientel. When I opened the link it was TANNING PRODUCTS!!! What goth person needs that!?
Started off by re-coloring my hair soft purple as the purple is part of my world domination. Then I shut up. Today I'm going into the studio, so I need to save my voice. I sing SOOO bad, but hey, singer Bernard Sumner of New Order has no voice of an angel either....

Also, this Thursday when I had that important company meeting that went really well I made up a song on the way home, so I need to do that one too. It's a commercial song :)