Saturday, April 14, 2012

Todays (panic) make up

You know these days when your husband fails to press the snooze button and shut the alarm off instead...?

These days happened to be THIS day.

2 minutes daycream and foundation.  3 minutes make up. 2 minutes hair, and out the door.

I have done better(and Goth make up in less time), but this is okay.

But there is one reason I don't really mind going out like this; with almost no make up on:

My husband says I look like Kate Blanchett (not sure about the name, but she played Queen Elizabeth)  when I'm without make up - and that makes me so proud! She looks so cool and strong!

I don't look like her according to me, but I welcome the compliment.

Photo attachment to previous post

Ups, missed the pic!

Youth treatment


I'm off to my yearly facial.

Backside: make up will be ruined so I have it to a minimum. Gotta go for the big shades today.

And also I'm forbidden to wear make up for several hours!

And we are going to the water park later - oh, noooo! crap!