Friday, December 17, 2010

I have beautiful hair!

I just bleached and re-colored my hair :)
I'm going to change my haircolor before the summer, but for me and my sisters German "tour" I will keep it light purple and silver a while longer.

Tonight I've been invited to a restaurant by my husbands boss to have Christmas dinner with all his co-workers. It will be fun! But I'm mostly looking foward to the food :)
I will leave my Montignac method at home tonight, that's for sure!

I haven't finished my make up yet (as you might see although I'm hiding my face). Not quite sure how to do it tonight.. I usually like to look a bit more Christmassy when I go to theese events - but I also like to wear my tiaras and lots of bling...and I wonder if I should look more goth, or be "nice" and wear a bit less make up. I have to think it over...