Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm trying to learn how to update my hompage now when I've got it handed over from the designer and programmer (it's not really done yet), but I'm so afraid to mess something up. I can only hope for it to be dummy-proved programmed ;)
Here's a picture of me from 2001 before an EGF festival in Stockholm. It's at a friends flat - and NO - the beer bottle and the cola isn't mine! You know from my party videos I only schnapps ;)
Started the day with a breakfast meeting about social media at 07.30 :) and finished it off with a meeting about the webshop to come, and then a quick fill-in on my latest tattoo; the heart on my left ringfinger needed filling and I wanted bigger boobs on the picture of all in all you might say I got a boobjob in 30 seconds ;)