Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My German trip part 3

Thursday 12’th of May

At 9.45 our ride came to get us for today’s work. We managed to do 27 outfits each. We did so good we got an extra €100 each added to our salarys! (and no, I won't say the original salary)
We had just as fun today. I just can’t believe how nice they all were and funny. I just hope we made just as good impression as they did.
We, dressed in X-tra-x clothes from top to toe
 Todays lenses were Phantasee: Green Tornado
To celebrate a good day’s work I decided we should quit dinner and go for a HUGE ice cream from the Italian place instead. My sister was on. We ordered 5 kugeln and whipped cream each.
I had cappuccino, tiramisu, strawberry, pistachio and stracciatella. We really had to fight to manage the whole thing – but we made it!
We were soooo full as we left. Almost to the puking level.
Back to the room we put the TV on and put our asses on the balcony for the last night. Then we realized we had the qualification to the European Song Contest on and went in as they announced what countries would be in the real contest.
Eventually there was only one spot left and they said – SWEDEN!!! We jumped up from our beds and yelled! I’m sure we awoke the whole hotel screaming “Sweden, Sweden, Erik Saade, Erik Saade!”
Okay, so neither of us is that a big fan of Eric Saade, but it was the feeling that we’d be in the real contest on Saturday that made it.
And by the way - Sweden's Erik Saade made 3'd place.

Make up review

Max Factor 815 Night Valley Red

A shade of dark, thick blood mixed with cherry.
The color suits me really fine, and have this "old movie star-shade" to it. Absolute a favorite right now since I think it looks great with my marker colored hair ;)
It stays on all day, but you can't make out with it. Light kissing even leaves some "evidence", but to my lips it doesn't feel sticky or dry, just good. I recommend! Price: not horrific.
I have an almost identical color; 02 Cranberry Cream by Elizabeth Arden and that leaves my lips VERY dry after a days wearing it.