Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, I'm so sorry I missed out on weekly style this week. I had one special girl on my mind, but somehow I didn't find the time *poop* I thought noone would notice - but you sure did!

To show my remorse I can give you some good news! This jacket I'm wearing is once again sold at the H&M Run to the closest store to get one. It's not on the online shop yet - why, I don't know? Please go out and buy it so we can all be twins!

They do have this one online though. I bought it in white (that's not in the onlineshop either - strange?). My husbands comment "-Why on earth did you buy a WHITE jacket - you only wear black anyway...?" He's right...but perhaps I can swallow my "cool-factor" one day and dress in white. I like that too actually, but I do feel the cool-factor dropping on such a day...