Friday, June 4, 2010

Right now

Me and my cute sister on my balcony right now :) Ha ha, we look like tourists in Turkey or something!!

Ihhh - tomorrow is when we'll be on stage with our band Asperger Synthdrome playing for the first time. We'll be at the Vince Festival, Karlskrona, Sweden. But, of cause, I will put it up on youtube later :)

Vince Festival

I have absoulutely NO idea how to do my make up on stage tomorrow!? Perhaps my sister have some great idea?
I feel like I wanna look kind of NOT so much things in the face, no swirls or spiderweb, just "ordinary" goth make up. But later, after our gig, I want to "Adora" me. That might sound strange cause most people will most certanly have an extended version of themselves on stage, but I want to do it reversed for some strange reason. Maybe my sister can whip it out of me.