Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Me answering a question: Your styling was better before!

Sweet Leah said in my comments:
"i think your styling was so much better just a few years ago, in my opinion.
you're still a beautiful woman no matter what, but the way i see it your style has virtually nothing in common with original goth anymore. especially as you always put the emphasis on old school electro/goth yourself. what you've been sporting more recently is becoming more like a teenager's style. :(

i know people will comment and hate me now... so: have fun with it, guys. keep in mind that i didnt mean this to sound rude though."

My Answer:
Leah - I can't but agree! I've became a couch potatoe when it comes to style!

You are totally correct in your views. I always appreciate when people poke on me with a stick so I can shape up! Thank's for the heads up!

Still, this week is crazy and to prevent myself from going into the wall I will take it easy, but on Monday I will do my best to re-invent myself (I do that every now and then) and my style.

I hope you will be pleased. Please give me feedback next week, Leah <3
(just bare in mind - I can't wear full lashes every day because I easily get allergy)

The day-to-day looks I'm the most fond of myself is:

Today's make up

I had a parental meeting today since TeeBee will start pre-school in August.
I have to beg your pardon of the make up since I took the pictures 5 minutes before bedtime and I look crazy tired! But I still think you get the general idea of the swirls.

..and I looked so sweet in gray too, so I made one like that as well :)