Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I smell - HELP me!

My 3 favourite perfumes have over time been the same 3...
  • Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (when to impress boys)
  • Tribù by Benetton (when to impress girls)
  • Woman by Hugo Boss (on every other occation)
  • As deo spray I love Cat Deluxe by Naomi Cambell
Since my last pregancy I devloped a swelling in my nose that didn't go away as it's supposed to do after a while. This causes me to not being able to sence different smells so good. I did an operation to fix it, but it didn't succeed.. And NO - I didn't do a nose job as in plastic surgery! Oh, you are so going to compare old and new pictures of me now! I'm very sad I can't smell (and taste) the same like I used to do, I had a real gourmé nose. But I'm thinking of re-doing the surgery.

This also makes me not to dare to buy a new perfume!! I only play the safe cards I had since before the pregnancy since I can't trust my nose theese days. I have no idea on what perfumes smells modern and what smells like an old lady.
I'm thinking perhaps I'd give the Cat Deluxe perfume a go?
Any other tips now when you know what smells I like?


We also met a few of Porsches babies when we visited I-L. Here is boy Pirri Pirri and girl Chayenne (?).

My pretty boys

They are so handsome together, Porsche and Prince Vinyl <3
Porsche doesn't quite understand he's the size of a small calf and think he is like a kitten in size, so poor Princen is being totally squished by him. But they are so sweet together.