Sunday, August 28, 2011

Modelling Nauclear Design

Naucler Design, the swedish pride in latex designs have made some übercute hair accessories I had the fortune to model.

Naucler Design was also the sponsor for me and Jenni's wonderful custum made outfits we wore at Torture Garden in London last year.

The slogan is my own, but I think it fits :)
They were attached by a haircomb on the inside. I teased my hair just a little and that made them stay put perfectly.

Haha, I just LOVE the fact I can look like a blond bimbo/drag queen whenever I please. It makes me laugh every single time! My husband laughs not so much *mo-ha-hahaahh*

Todays outfit

I haven't been sick for ages, but last week school started so the kids dragged home some jerm to my little nose that makes me sneeze, sneeze and SNEEZE. Gave me a fever and a clogged nose as well - that hurts so I think I'm getting sinusitis again ;(

BUT - as the fantastic mother I am I doped up on painkillers to be able to go on a boat trip with our kids. Even panic baked cinnamon/apple cupcakes and raspberry cupcakes to bring, just 30 minutes before departure.
As a kid I used to go out on boat trips with my grandpa Harry's fishing boat all the time, and today, standing out on deck, I got that same feeling hearing the water against the fore. I lik the feeling. I was a total nature kid *who'd know*