Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank you organizers!

I am so grateful for your comments on what you like to see here.

Thank you so much for your time.
Of course I will pretend it was all my ideas.

Someone in my home is guilty of giving me a little bug that makes my throat feel sore.
I feel so miserable *bohoo* And I who enjoys talking so much! This have been a very sad day (perhaps not for my husband who's always saying that every person have a certain amount of words to be used in a life, and that my words soon will be used up).
I tried almost everything
  • hot mint tea with honey
  • ice cream
  • Bafucin (a tablet with a mild anesthesia)
  • hot milk with  melted cachuchas
The final outpost is sleep. I'll try it, and I better get well because tomorrow at 10 I'll have a meeting about my company. Need to have a voice by then I think.
Since bed is calling I'll just post an old picture of me (and my boyfriend, now husband):)
I'm 18-19 on the picture if not mistaken.