Thursday, December 2, 2010

Items in a Goth's wardrobe

Todays "must have's" is a bowler hat.
Charlie Chaplin and his pretty women in the movies (they had some sweet make up and hair back then) made me want one, and then of course the movie Clockwork Orange made everyone else crave for one.
I did search long and hard for one in my apple-head size. The only ones I could find was for hydrocephalus heads ;) (no offence if you have hydrocephalus).

Last summer I went to London with some pretty boy and can you believe - somewhere deep in the Stables Market in Camden Town a lady sold lots of knickknack like indian dream catchers and other very strange items. And amongst all this shit I saw a shape I longed for - the perfect bowler hat! Not that kind of crappy new made hats with doubtful quality, but a real hard one, like from the old era. It was a Holy Grail moment for me. I felt dizzy and everything else just stopped moving...

Of course she had a real overprice to it, like £35 or more. In Sweden theese hats can be found cheap, like £9 - but only in super sizes. I tried it on - and it was a perfect match, like when Darth Vader got his helmet on. I think I even started to breath like him ;)

I told her £10. She of course refused. So I said thank's and bye.
In the 2 seconds I took for me to leave her little "store" she said - "Okay, fine, you can have it for £10."
I'm guessing she had this hat since the beginning of the century and it never fitted anyones head. She must have know the chance of another apple-headed person to come her way would be another century...
But I only wear it on bad hair days. Good hair should never be hidden under a hat!