Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking the self harm to a new level

Okay cutters, I now play in a league of my own with self infliktion.
As many goths I just looooove getting dark, bitter, and then cut myself for being so boring (this is NOT true - I don't cut myself - noone should). Cutting yourself is more like a hobby instead of being crafty and do something creative with your life.
So when I felt I was close to getting a sinusitis I made damn sure so misbehave and make that a bad ass sinusitis; pain in my whole face, the teeth hurted, my temple was in cramp and the headache was nearly unbearable. Then it was time to call the doctor for some serious pain.
He sprayed my nose with something with the resemblance to solvent in taste. I started to get eructations. Then he shoved 5 cotton swabs in each nostril, 10 centimeters in (ouch!). Where's the camera when you need one?
By this time I shut my eyes. Something was put in to keep my nostrils wide open, a tube was inserted and then there was a bang. The same to the other nostril. I asked why there was bang, bang in my nose? And here's the über cool part - I got pierced inside my skull!!! Try to out-cool that! He pierced a hole to my sinus on both sides to enable a tube to get in.
He then rinsed my sinuses with 5 deciliters of water on each side. It was awful! I almost puked. I could feel the water swishing behind my eyes *help*
There came out so much mucus the doctor almost cheered with proudness! Once again - where's the camera?
Then - he torn out the left one. The right tube is still attached to my sinus skeleton for another rinse tomorrow. When the anesthesia went away the pain was horrible and I had blood running from both my nostrils. Looked very goth-cool I might add. You can still see the cut off tube in my nostril on the picture.
So, instead of making puny cuts on your forearms to make people feel sorry for you, try to pierce your sinuses instead, for some real pain! I feel so hard-core now!