Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 2011: Cakes

The superfast Cut off Finger cookie.

This was a total cheat on my side: chocolate covered finger cookies rolled into a piece of marzipan. An almond splint for a nail and some red food color.

Press in a few lines on the finger and you are done!

Crunchy and nice.

Halloween 2011: Broken doll

This years outfit was kind of "Dead Doll". It was for TeeBee 's Halloween Birthday party tonight. 

When I got the kids from school looking like this their classmates were stunned, and some a bit scared.

Giving them nightmares like a true Goth should!


Halloween 2011: Cheat bake

I'm ashamed I didn't make the chocolate dipped marengue myself but okay, shoot me, I bought them. I'm Martha Stewart ashamed....

I put on some nonstop as eyes and painted with black food coloring. Glued them on with icing.