Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Montignac examples

According to the Monticnac Method the lunch should be the days fattest meal. Eat as much as you want. Here's a few examples:
Minced meat beefs, fresh spinach with grilled pears and crumbled blue cheese
Boiled and fried cauliflower with tomato, cummin, chili and curry, mushrooms, ruccola and hot sausage with high meat content.
Ruccola, green olives, cucumber, fried sausage and red onion. Rye bread with philadelphia and fried egg.
Friday lunch: oven baked paprika, onion, mushroom and pear, fillet of beef with black pepper, cream sauce with gorgonzola served with ruccola (and wine).

Todays craving

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I have a flair for lace stockings.
It started when I as a young Adora looked at old black and white movies with Marlene Dietrich, Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth and Shelley Winters. All those dotted, striped and lace stockings showed in the "dress-up scene" made me drool.

(They had to make it a dress-up scene since the other way around was known as stripping. But starting in your unmetionables and ending with a gala dress was fine...)

Since then I have far to many lace stockings. I tend to go for the ones that lasts a bit longer depending on clinging kids and cats that constantly lays in my lap. But I also love sheer stockings.

My current "Wanna have's" is from Wolford's 2011 collection.
I might just buy them, but I wouldn't dare to wear them! One kid or one claw and it's ruined and will have to be degraded to german stockings (ripped stockings).
One thing that's very practical with lace stockings is that blood splatter doesn't show that much, it just seems to be a part of the stocking. Very practical when you have a killer hobby that sometimes makes the headlines the next day ;)