Friday, February 25, 2011

Less known facts about me

In May 2009 I was contacted by MTV and was offered $2000 for them to use a clip from my goth make up video in one of their shows.

Their sneaky contract (a 4 page documet with micro text and difficult lawyer words) wanted to be able to use me as a model for computer games (the same company that did Guitarr Hero was involved), have me as a cartoon and use me as a mold for an actress amongst other things. They had some very strange ideas I can tell you.

But money can't buy this chick. $2000 to give "me" up?
Pfffffft, don't think so.

Montignac answer

Blogger Imagica Vasia said...Adora,vegetables contain carbohydrate,I guess ;s Can I eat them combined with meat or egges?
Can you please tell us what food should not combine? (:

Yes, in Phase 1 you can eat anything with a carbohydrate less then 30. And you can combine it with meat and eggs. Perfect! You got it right.
Here's a table with what's under 30. From the Montignac site.
Sometimes people says to me "You can't stop eating carbohydrates, your body needs it".
The answer is: everything but water contain some carbohydrates, so I can't eat 0. The thing is I just don't add those reffined carbohydrates that's speeding the body, just to get a real dip afterwards.

But if you, at Phase 1, eats things above carboh. 30 you shouldn't mix it with fat (meat, sausage, cream..).

Wednesday's outfit

I just realized I forgot to publish this. My hair is a total mess right now. I should really, I mean - REALLY, bleach my roots.
I thought this was an okay look, but now as I look at the pictures I think I look a bit too trashy than I'm used to. Apparently I do not look good in t-shirts. Crap! I dare not almost not say it...but I think I look like Amy Winehouse on a bad day. Oooops!
I use my legwarmers on my knees often, and add brooches to the skirts and a necklace with an "A"