Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Made chocolate for tonight

I made a milk chocolate truffle with whiskey, covered it in dark chocolate and used chocolate decour paper on it. Turned out very nice :)
The other I made was a dark espresso truffle covered in milk chocolate and with some cacao on top.
They are both sooooo goooood. I shouldn't have tried two of them before bedtime yesterday though...I'm no coffee drinker so I had trouble falling asleep.
The white one is a clean white truffle with lime, rolled in icing sugar. Sometime I have lime, sometimes oranges. Drooool.
I always think that IF you are going to eat candy - make it yourself, then at least you will get rid of all of those extra products that is no good for you..
Better candy makes better bodys <3

22 years in love

The 5'th of January 1989 (22 years ago) I fell in love, and I'm still falling...<3
I met my husband for the very first time ever and we both fell madly in love. This is the first picture of us together from that magically night.
I can sure tell the 80's was no good era for my hair ;) Back then it was pure misery all over. I was blonde at first, but a few weeks before this picture I was a hair-model and the bastards colored me in an awful carrot color. The day before this picture I just grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my hair a bit here and there. Well, I can't hate it really, since it helped me nail the prettiest boy alive <3
I love you for being so pretty
(he's nice too, but I only care for looks)
See what a big smile he put's on my face everytime he's near <3