Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lights out for Christmas

Light out för this years Christmas tree. I just turned it off for the last time before undressing it.

2012 years ago Jesus have had his fun; was born, got some gifts and will now continue his life as a baby by sucking his mum's breast dry for a while before he starts with all his "miracles " that we  can all read about in his blog, by that era a book he named the Bible.

How this is celebrated in the modern world is by letting all the woman's in the world spend a full days time by carefully pack down ALL the Christmas decorations that's been up to celebrate the little rascal. Wohoo, thanks Jesus for giving us this fab gift.

Couldn't have thought out some nice "Thank you poor woman who just gave birth to me-gift-day"? I'd like it if some days after Christmas we celebrated all the womens.

We can call the day "Wommas", "Mariemas" or "Missmas" and it could be about giving women an easy day. The gift of a favour rather than a physical gift.

So,  now we can celebrate Missmas the 3'd Sunday after Christmas.

Happy Missmas all girls in the world!

Today is the first Missmas ever, let's celebrate in style!