Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

Candy table, come to me!

I heart you

Love all this Christmas evening <3


I'm having my new UCG necklace on today:)

Merry Christmas!

I've reached my destination!

Christmas morning

First gift of today! Happy kids :)

Merry Christmas!

God Jul as we say here in Sweden (or Goth Jul as we Swedish Goths say). I'm looking forward to a lovely evening at my dad's and extra mom's house today <3

My lovely, and insanely pretty sister will be there as well. How I miss her! I will make her sit in my lap all evening!

Top of my list? Hmm,  just to be with people you love is the best gift you can have - but OK, perhaps a personalized laptop bag? Honey? Are you reading this?

God Jul, merry Christmas and a joyful evening to you all <3