Monday, February 7, 2011

Wanna loose weight?

Next Tuesday I'm gonna start you up on the Montignac Method (good to loose weight, but also good for already satisfied bodytypes since it's a healthy way to eat).
I've eaten according to Montignac for about 10 years, and I didn't start it to loose weight, but because I got a gastric catarrh and needed to change my way of eating.
I was a crisp-o-holic and ate 300 grams of crisps every weekend for about a year. I was in it bad, I was one needle away to go down the gutter and be a real crisp-druggie. After that torture my stomach said - no more of this shit and self-cutted.
Also...I though my husband was a bit too...ehh..large? I only like skinny bitches so for me to keep loving him he needed to ditch that extra weight faster then a bra in the wrong bedroom.
But I can't blame him on adding a few kilos - it was my cooking that put him there... me and my potatoe gratin overflowing with cream. So I needed to be punished as well.

It was our friend Mr N that told us about this method all of the nerds at his computer company did, loosing weight while sitting on their asses. Suited me just fine since I hate moving around for nothing.
Bought the book, changed my way to cook.
I will try to guide you as good as I can. Join me!